Maccabi Tel Aviv introduce new Head Coach Slavisa Jokanovic!

Jun 24, 2015 | Football, The Pulpit

After Maccabi CEO Martin Bain introduced new coach Slavisa Jokanovic, he spoke to the media about his goals managing the Yellow-and-Blue.

Why did you come to coach Maccabi and not stay in England?

“My past is my past, it’s not that important now. Maccabi was very serious about putting me in this position and I am happy to be in this situation. I have come to a winning team and we have a very important summer coming up and season too. We will push very hard and reach our targets in Europe.

You must remember that I am not from England but I am Serbian and I have worked at many places in the world. Maccabi is a very famous European club and we will continue to improve. This was my decision to be here and I am now with people who understand football. I am happy to be at Maccabi.”

What do you know about Maccabi?

“I watched many Maccabi games from last season and I know the players from that, but this is only the start and there is a process in front of us. I expect that there will be professionalism here and the opportunity to work with ambitious people and to improve on what was won last season. I expect that our supporters will be proud of how we play and this responsibility is a big one. I respect the club and I will represent this club, country and the supporters, they will be proud of our work.”

What are your thoughts on Maccabi making the Champions League?

“The big dream for the supporters and for us is very clear but making the Champions League is not an easy job. We will have to take steps and over the last three years Maccabi has had some very good campaigns and we will try to reach this target. This is our dream and our desire.”

Where can Maccabi improve?

“Maccabi must improve everything. It’s very clear. There is a winning mentality here and we have a very fast team, but we will need more control and balance. This will be the target for the club to make them more competitive, compact and more balanced.”

As a Serbian how do you feel coaching here in Israel?

“I am full of self confidence, the whole team can play better with me. If I don’t have confidence in myself who will have it for me? There have been many Serbian coaches and players that have been in Israel and there have been many around the world. We have a responsibility to work around the world and I have had the opportunity to play in many countries and this is my 6th coaching position for six different clubs in 6 different countries.”

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