Choose from the following Israel Sports Adventures to create your own full day or multi-day Israel Sports Experience-perfect for Bar/Bat Mitzvahs:

* Take part in a basketball, soccer or tennis training session with a professional player who have some of the most fascinating experiences representing Israel

* Attend a professional basketball or soccer game at one of the brand new state of the art stadiums

* Participate in the Israel Olympic Experience

* Take a behind the scenes tour of a Sports TV Studio* Meet some of Israel’s modern day heroes and greatest athletes

* Sign a Lifetime contract with one of the clubs as a Special Ambassador

* Experience other sports being played in Israel from Handball to Volleyball and everything in between

* Learn about the State of Israel through the lens of Israeli Sports

* See sports as a tool to improve Israeli society, including visits to athletic programs for at-risk youth, special needs children, immigrants and refugees

From recent Israel Sports Adventures:

“The Sports Rabbi masterfully crafted a truly life-changing Israel Sport experience for my 13-year old son: inspiring him to see the beauty of the Land of Israel, People of Israel and strive to grow as a Jew, all through the medium of sport that so many of American kids appreciate. No other experience during the trip comes even close to the one you shared with us. We are so grateful!”

– GB

We got to see Israel from a completely different perspective, combining its history with nationalistic pride. My daughter met famous, extremely talented, female athletes, who will serve as incredible role models for her as she continues to play on her multiple sports teams. This was a day like no other. Thank you for giving my daughter the opportunity to live a “dream day” for her Bat Mitzvah. This is a day she (and we) will never forget.

– SH

“Josh was so friendly, accommodating and knowledgeable. We all had fun and learnt a lot in the process. All three generations of the family enjoyed the day.”

– TS

“The Sports Rabbi is very knowledgeable and we learned an incredible amount. Josh organised a very enjoyable, customised day for our basketball loving family. Our kids said it was a highlight of our recent trip to Israel. It was great to see them so inspired.”

– AF

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