Israel and Morocco Basketball Associations sign historic agreement

Jun 14, 2022 | Football

The Israel Basketball Association made a historic trip to Morocco where together with their counterparts signed a cooperation agreement which will include the exchange of information, knowledge and research in all needed measures – practical, theoretical, professional and organizational. The visit was concluded by the two nation’s Women’s National Teams playing an exhibition game which the hosts won 62-58.

The blue-and-white delegation was led by the Association’s President Amiram HaLevy who signed the agreement together with the President of the Moroccan Federation Mustapha Aourach. As the Israelis landed in Marrakesh, they were greeted by song, dance and refreshments to the delight of all after the flight from the Holy Land.

Photo credit: IBBA

Following the signing of the agreement Aourach said, “This is a huge honor to host such a historical moment. This agreement is part of the strong relationship between Morocco and Israel. Sports are important in building relationships between the two nations which will also help with understanding and development. This will bring together very important cooperation between the two Associations and the two countries.”

Amiram HaLevy also spoke about the importance of the agreement, “Basketball is not just a sport but a way of life and an opportunity for players to meet people from different places and cultures. The emphasis of the agreement will be on promoting coaches, because without good coaches it is impossible to succeed. We will hold meetings and joint camps, especially in women’s basketball, which the two associations want to promote.”

Photo credit: IBBA

As for the game, the hosts slipped by Israel 62-58 as Daniel Raber led the way with 18 points, Hadar Haddad chipped in with 12 points and Eden Rotberg added 11 points in the defeat.

Sharon Drucker – Photo Credit: IBBA

Head coach Sharon Drucker was able to look at the positives that came out of the game and the entire visit, “All in all this was a good visit and during the summer when we don’t have much national team activity any international matchup for us is good. Regardless, this was a game that we could have won and we made a nice comeback in the second half as the team gave all of their heart. The result is a bit disappointing but this wasn’t an official game. I had no idea as to what kind of buzz this was going to make here and from the moment we arrived we have been surrounded by people who just want to do good, help and contribute and I believe that this is a historical cooperation between the two nations. I hope that they will visit us and that we will be able to play again.”

Photo credit: IBBA

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