“I’m with Israel”, “We’re confident that God will watch over us” Scottie & Maria Wilbekin speak about the situation in the Holy Land

Maccabi Tel Aviv star guard Scottie Wilbekin along with his wife Maria spoke to Israel’s Sports Channel about the current conflict going on in Israel as missiles from terrorist groups in Gaza are being continuously fired into the country.

“It definitely came as a surprise and we didn’t know exactly what to do,” Scottie began. “Our manager gave us good instructions and told us to go to the Sage room every time we heard the alarm, so that’s what we are doing. Just following protocol and trying to stay safe.”

As for the players concern on the team about the situation, Scottie continued, “Everybody is concerned especially the ones with families because we don’t know what is going to happen. Our practice was cancelled today and we don’t know what’s going to happen to the season. We want to finish the season and safety comes first. The State Cup Final was postponed and everybody on the team just wants us to stay safe. The management just wants us to stay safe.”

Scottie alleviated any fears that he may leave the club, “I wouldn’t say that. I was talking today to my manager about renewing the lease on my apartment for next year. So no.”

Many hoopsters including Omri Casspi and Deni Avdija have commented on social media about the situation, “I don’t know if I’ll take a stand,” Scottie stated. “But if I were to say anything on the matter, I’m with Israel. I’m here in the midst of everything, I’m experiencing it. It can be hard sometimes for another country to really know what going on, but I can say from being here in this experience that I support Israel and we’re here with all the people from Israel and we’re in this together trying to survive it. I’m with Israel.”

Maria added, “I feel confident. As Christians we believe that we have a purpose here and we’re confident that God will watch over us and I think we’re in good hands here.”

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