“I feel the hunger” Deni Avdija on the Trail Blazers desire to succeed

While Deni Avdija was introduced by the Portland Trail Blazers on Monday and answered questions from the local journalists, the Israeli forward also fielded a few questions from the assembled Hebrew press as well.

Avdja was asked about the Blazers 1st round draft pick Donovan Clingan and the similarities to when he was selected by he Wizards in 2020 along with how Portland seems to be in a different spot that the Wizards, “The situation is definitely similar [to Donovan Clingan as to when he was drafted by the Wizards]. First of all, he is a great guy, truly a good soul. I feel like I was on some winning teams in the past[Maccabi Tel Aviv], the Wizards weren’t exactly a winning team, but I think the guys here are much more serious and hungrier. We are currently in the process of rebuilding but I feel the desire to win, I feel the hunger and it is a completely different situation.

The 23-year old also spoke about his new home and how he felt about being traded for a substantial package, “I am very excited. I am starting a new career path. It will take some time to get used to and adapt to everything, also in terms of standard of living. I feel that in the end it could also be a great stop on my journey and who knows maybe this will be the group will really take off. I think it shows what I can do. It shows how much they trust me and are confident that I will help them win. For me it’s just a “confidence booster”. I will continue to work hard and I am happy to join this team.”

Avdija was also asked about his role on the court and how that may differ from his time in Washington, “This is very important and we’re aware of that. I don’t know what the amount of time I will have the ball because that will change and it’s a different team. But they definitely know my abilities, they really learned how I should play and I’m sure we’ll find the right equilibrium.”

Deni Avdija – Photo credit: Portland Trail Blazers

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