Final 4 Bonus! What is “Willy Stuff”?

I was looking back at an article written by one of the great sports writers of our generation John Feinstein a hen he interviewed Willy Workman after Amherst captured the NCAA Division III title back in 2013. One of his teammates David Hixson spoke about “Willy Stuff” and I asked him what that was in his mind, here was his answer:

“Coach likes to speak of how “Willy Stuff” brings unorthodox style to the game and how I add value on the court. Sometimes I help in places you’re not supposed to, or I cut when I’m supposed to drag, or I go in to rebound when you are supposed to get back. I just play with a lot of instinct and it’s gotten me to this point. My DNA as a basketball player is doing extra and wanting more and more then the guy next to me. I know that I’ll take shots, sometimes you make them sometimes you miss, but I’m going to bring energy tomorrow.”

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