EPISODE #350 with Tyler Dunne from Go Long TD & author of The Blood and Guts: How Tight Ends Save Football

Dec 4, 2022 | Podcasts

The Sports Rabbi celebrated his 350th show with a very special guest as Tyler Dunne, NFL expert journalist, author and all around great guy joined the program to talk about his brand new book “The Blood and Guts: How Tight Ends Save Football”.

Dunne who has been covering the NFL for well over a decade is also the founder of an incredible website Go Long TD which has some of the best writing, analysis and podcasts around.

In Blood and Guts, Tyler Dunne interviews the greatest tight ends ever, whose stories reveal why they were uniquely qualified to serve as the blood and the guts of football—the players keeping this sport alive and well. There’s a reason Mike Ditka epitomized true toughness in pro football through the 1960s. Ben Coates, the son of a World War II vet, put an entire childhood spent building roofs to use by smashing defenders in the open field. His entire life, Jeremy Shockey has been hellbent on sticking it to anyone who doubts him. And from afar, a young “Gronk” idolized Shockey and took his approach to a whole new level.

Make sure to check out all of Dunne’s work, subscribe to Go Long TD and pick up a great Chanukah gift in “The Blood and Guts: How Tight Ends Save Football”!

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