“We feel like it’s a new season” Shlomi Harush & Hapoel Holon get ready to resume the 2019/20 campaign

Jun 2, 2020 | Holyland Hoops

Hapoel Holon held a press conference this afternoon to discuss the state of their team as the Israel Winner League resumes play later this month to finish off the 2019/20 campaign. Chairman Eitan Lanciano, acting head coach Amit Sherf, captain Shlomi Harush and CEO RoyDvora addressed the media about the preparations

“We are returning to action and I’m so excited each time I now go to watch the team practice,” said Lanciano. “We’re looking forward to doing our best and aim to advance to the Final Four.”

Head Coach Stefanos Dedas is still in Greece and it is unclear if he will return, but Lanciano made it clear that all of the signings were done in communication with him, “We have done everything in conjunction with coach Dedas and right now we are giving our full support to Amit who is aware of our goals.”

Lanciano also spoke about the losses his team will suffer without fans in the stands and some of the concerns the club had about returning to play, “Hapoel Holon is built on its home crowd and playoffs. We sell tickets and sponsors come aboard in the third round of games. So this was difficult for us on a financial level. There are many foreigners that decided not to come back and that hurt the competition. What will happen if someone gets the coronavirus and what will the result be? However, here we are and we want to do the best that we can and get ready as well for next season.”

Acting coach Amit Sherf was excited to be given the chance to take the reins of the squad, “It’s very exciting and a real challenge for me. We have a group of players and staff with a lot of experience and we are going into all of the small details to make sure we succeed. We had our full squad at practice for the first time today and we have a very strong group of Israelis and foreign players.”

Captain Shlomi Harush also commented on the team’s status as they ready to resume play, “We feel like it’s a new season and even though the Israelis are the same we gave four new foreign players. It’s just like any new campaign and it will be busy. We want to stay healthy and try to find the right balance between that and staying fit. There is concern about injuries and we have only a short period of time to get into shape before our first game which is extremely important as we fight to get into the championship playoffs.”


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