Podcast: Jim Leyritz, New York Yankees Hero joins The Sports Rabbi to talk about “Catching Heat” on “Live from Jerusalem!”

Jim Leyritz, New York Yankees Hero joined me to discuss his new book “Catching Heat: The Jim Leyritz Story” and to talk about his baseball career and his life afterwards, which has had its ups and downs. We talked about his time as a Yankee star, hitting arguably one of the most famous World Series home runs off of Mark Wohlers in Game 4 of the 1996 series in Atlanta.

Jim talked about the hard work and faith he has along with one of the great lines of the book, “In the midst of trouble, never ask, “Why me?” Instead ask, “What do you want me to learn?” Then trust G-d, and keep doing what is right.

This is an interview that you will not want to miss, so join Jim on his journey.

Click here to download Jim Leyritz discussing “Catching Heat”

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