Milos Teodosic – Artist, Conductor, Rock Star ages like fine wine

Dec 21, 2023 | Holyland Hoops

Milos Teodosic is an absolute genius. An artist on the court as he play basketball just as some of the great painters created their masterpieces. A conductor who leads the greatest orchestras. A rock star just like the best of the best. No more and no less.

Watching the great Serbian glide on the court, see the game at a level that most can not and just admiring what he can do when he is at the top of his game is something to behold. There may not be a better guard in the game today that can do was Milos can. When he is on and boy was he ever on against Maccabi Tel Aviv.

Teodosic did as he pleased from the get go whether it was from long-range, mid-range or short-range as he carved Maccabi up for 27 points going 6/9 from 3-point land. To add insult to injury, the 36-year old added 14 assists, yes 14 of them to help Red Star dominate Maccabi and take a 98-92 win that was never, ever that close in reality.

The list of accomplishments is never ending, from top to bottom the awards he has garnered over the years is absolutely endless. A leader is multiple statistical categories, a champion is various leagues around the continent, individual awards from MVPs to all-star selections to just name it, Teodosic can open up a number of trophy cabinets to fit all of his hardware.

His time in the NBA with the Los Angeles Clippers may not have been as fruitful as he would have liked it to be, but that has been an issue for many a European star who went over to the so called greatest league in the world to give it a whirl. No matter, he Teodosic is just simply amazing and when he is playing on all cylinders, he can be the best of the best even at a more advanced age,

Milos Teodosic – Photo credit: Red Star Belgrade

“Milos was amazing,” Red Star coach Ioannis Sfairopoulos said. “We know his quality, his talent and skills and he was excellent creating for others. He deserves credit for this win, but basketball is a team game and everyone participated in this victory.”

Maccabi coach Oded Katash also commented on Teodosic at work, “Milos did his stuff and we tried to change defensive coverage on him but he found a way and had a huge impact on the game. We tried so many defenses on him. He’s great to watch as basketball fan, but when one is on the sidelines, less so.”

Milos Teodosic – Photo credit: Euroleague

The yellow-and-blue had a front row seat to watch Teodosic work his magic and it certainly wasn’t the first time. Maccabi guard Tamir Blatt got to see up close and personal what Milos can do with a ball and impact a game like no other. The same is probably true for Wade Baldwin and Lorenzo Brown who must have also picked up a tip or two or three from watching just how deft a player Teodosic is and how he can influence a game in so many different ways and fashions.

“He had an amazing game,” Antonius Cleveland, who was tasked at times to defend Teodosic said. “A lot of 3’s. I don’t think he has hit as many 3’s this season. It can deflate you. A couple of his 3’s were like crazy shots. As a team we have to keep our head down and chip away on the defensive end and we didn’t do that.”

It’s as if Teodosic ages like fine wine. He may not be the quickest player out there, but boy can he put on the moves and grooves. He has the ability to paint the next Mona Lisa any time he has a basketball in his hands and is on the floor raring to go.

It’s really quite incredible as to what he is capable of doing when dialed and locked in to score when needed or to help out with an assist. His capabilities are astounding.

Milos Teodosic – Photo credit: Red Star Belgrade

You’ll rarely see a smile on his face as he goes expressionless from beginning to end, the entire 40 minutes as he treats each one equally. He always has a serious look on and a look that one would never know that he was the cream of the crop and the stud of studs.

Teodosic does as he pleases on the court of play, his own personal playground so to speak. He knows every angle as to where to shoot the ball and understands every nuance and every single second of the game of basketball.

Milos Teodosic and Red Star celebrate- Photo credit: Red Star Belgrade

He has a swagger off of the floor. He knows he is a star, a rock star that is. He is cool, a cool dude. He knows the fans flock to see him around the continent and it doesn’t matter where he was plying his trade.

He wears the #4 jersey for his childhood idol and fellow Serbian Dejan Bodiroga who is currently the President of the Euroleague, the competition in which Teodosic has rewritten the record books. Whether it has been with Olympiacos, CSKA Moscow, Bologna or now Red Star, Teodosic has left his mark on the game just as he did against Maccabi, a team that he had been rumored to join a few years back as he did as he pleased against them all game long which is something that he can do that any time and at any place.

Milos Teodosic – Photo credit: Red Star Belgrade

How much longer will we get to see this Picasso, Beethoven, Springsteen in action? Hopefully for a very long time.

There has never been a player like Milos and there probably never will be again.

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