“I want to stand before God and dedicate the State Cup to him” Ramat Gan’s Tal Lev looks ahead to the State Cup Final against Ramle

Mar 10, 2021 | Holyland Hoops

Ahead of the Women’s Israel State Cup Final that will take place on Thursday at the Ralph Klein Arena in Yavne at 20:00 between Maccabi Ramat Gan and Elitzur Ramle, Tal Lev, the Ramat Gan star spoke to Sports Rabbi as she looked forward to the game. Lev scored 19 points in the semifinal as she played a huge role in the fourth quarter of the game helping her side to the victory.

באדיבות- מנהלת ליגת העל לנשים בכדורסל

“There is some good energy and I’m enjoying the moment,” Lev began. “I believe that everything is even when you go into a final of these types of tournaments. Whoever will want it more and whoever will battle for every ball will win this type of game. Ramle is destroying the league but in this type of contest whoever wants it more will win.”

Being an athlete during this past year during a pandemic has been a challenge for most and that has also been the case for Lev, “In general this season has been much more difficult. We also didn’t have many fans before the pandemic as well. As for league play the championship playoffs is something that we want achieve and I believe that it is possible. We want to go into every game and do the maximum.”

באדיבות- מנהלת ליגת העל לנשים בכדורסל

Lev happens to be religiously observant and that is something that she is very proud of, “First off it’s something I am very proud of. There aren’t many observant girls playing basketball, so this is something huge. I want to give all of the glory to God. I want to stand before God and dedicate the State Cup to him.”

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