He’s a great player but even better person: Who are you Kiryat Ata forward Ryan Mikesell?

Jul 3, 2023 | Holyland Hoops

Ryan Mikesell joined Ironi Kiryat Ata for the 2023/24 season as the club’s first foreign signing for the new campaign. The 26-year old forward played his college ball at Dayton and began his professional career in Germany with Tubingen in 2020 and averaged 18.2 points, 5.5 rebounds and 3 assists during the 21/22 season. Last year, the lethal shooter took his talents to France where he plied his trade with Le Portel as he checked in with 9.6 points, 5 boards and 1.2 helpers while shooting 43% from deep.

To find out who Ryan Mikesell is, The Sports Rabbi spoke to former teammates and German based journalist Lukas Feldhaus: Very good player. Shooter, smart decision maker. He knows the game, knows when to shoot and when to drive. Good rebounder and he’s a competitor.

Dayton Teammates
Sam Miller: Ryan is a great teammate, a super hard worker and a smart player. He split time between the 3 and small ball 4 when we played together. He always makes the right play and is great at finding open teammates. Very at home creating mismatches against bigger players on the offensive end but has the athleticism to keep up with some smaller guys too. I had about 40 lbs on him at the time we played together but he would hold his own in the post against me so he has the strength to hang as well. Definitely a versatile player on both ends.

John Crosby: My Guy Ryan Mikesell… Ironi Kiryat Ata is Getting A Stud!!! Ryanis a guy you would love playing with but hate playing against! He’s a great competitor & a great teammate. He always causes mismatch problems because of his size & skillset. He has a high basketball IQ with the ability to stretch the floor, guard multiple positions & make plays for his teammates!

Joey Gruden: He’s an unbelievable person, a great player, and a great teammate first. He’s a terrific shooter and a great playmaker at his size. He’s very versatile and can play multiple positions. His most underrated aspect is his defense. He can guard any position and at a high level. He’ll be great in the locker room and community as well.

Kyle Davis: He’s a great all around player. He can play in the post and he can also bring his defender out behind the three point line and kill them as well. He’s going to do great and he’s a hard worker.

Tubingen teammates
Daniel Keppeler: Ryan is a really nice guy, great character and really professional. I loved playing with him, because we didnt need to talk a lot, he just understands the game and plays it the right way without doing too much. He has a high basketball IQ and a good shot. I would’ve loved playing with him again next season, you’re lucky to have him!

Joanic Gruttner: Great guy, super humble & hardworking. A true professional and absolutely fun guy to play with! Great addition to any team at any level in my opinion

Aatu Kivimaki: Ryan is a player every team needs. Always finding ways to win and competes hard! Also one of the best teammates I’ve had off the court.

Le Portel teammates
Yoan Granvorka: As a basketball player he’s playing the right way, sharing the ball, good spacing and amazing 3pt shooter. He’s a leader too and I feel that if you give him a lot of responsibilities you won’t be disappointed. As a man, he’s a great human and I really appreciate him

Emmanuel Nzekwesi: He’s a great player but even better person. My family and I got close to him and his girlfriend. They are special people. On the court, he is an amazing leader who’s very outspoken! He’s someone everyone enjoyed playing with. Very unselfish and caring for the team and teammates. He’s a great example of a true professional.

Kenny Kasiama: Ryan is a great shooter he can play off and with the ball he got a very good touch specially for the floater is a solid offensive player. Off the court he’s a great guy too, leadership and he likes to help others.

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