Great team player, fast and shifty: Who are you Hapoel Afula guard Kasey Sheperd?

Sep 21, 2023 | Holyland Hoops

Kasey Sheperd signed with Hapoel Afula for the upcoming 2023/24 season after having played in both Romania and Turkey last year. The 29-year old guard attended Louisiana where he scored 11.4 points a game as a Senior in 2016 before embarking on a professional career which saw Shepard make stops in Montenegro, Hungary, Russia and Ukraine. Last season, Shepard split his time between Cluj (9.9p/3.2r/3.4a) and won both the league and Cup and Bahcesehir where he started the campaign.

Just ahead of Afula’s WINNER Cup quarterfinal matchup against Hapoel Holon, Thursday at 21:15 at the Drive In Arena, let’s hear from Sheperd’s former teammates about what the guard brings to the table!

Louisiana Teammates:
Bryce Washington: That’s my guy. It’s crazy because we actually had a conversation over the summer, we work out together and he didn’t know where he was going to sign. I actually told him ‘man, you will play really well in the Winner League’. It’s crazy that he signed with Afula now, that’s a great pickup for them.

Kasey is one of the best people I ever met in my life, honestly. We played together in college for 2 years, he’s also my brother, a guy that I work out all summer with for the last 4 years, that’s my guy. We talk about life beyond basketball. On the court he’s one of the fastest players I’ve seen with the ball in my life, he’s very fast and he’s about 6’3-6’4. He’s a dead eye shooter, he’s always an over 40 percent three point shooter. His career has been great, he started from a very low league and to see what he’s doing now – he’s actually one of the guys that I actually look up to to follow my path in this professional life, and he’s just such a great person. He’s going to make that team and even that community better.

He loves kids, he loves people and he always has a smile on his face, everything about him he’s just a wonderful person and a big hearted person. I believe he’s going to be an All League guy, it’s Afula’s first year in the first division in a while and I think he’s going to turn that organization and that’s they’re going to do very well now with that contribution of a guy like him. I definitely can see him being one of the top scorers in Winner League, for sure top in 3 point shooting and also tops in steals. He has great hands and great feet, he wars through a lot of balls on defense and everything like that, and he’s just a guy that you want to play with because he’s a person that you can go to off of the court if you’re struggling about certain things. He’s a guy you can sit down to talk to for hours.

I’m excited for him and for Afula to have a guy like him, I’m just excited for Winner League, two guys I played with for 2 years, Kasey Shepherd and Ja’Keenan Gant, just to see and just for guys like you to ask for some words about those guys, I’m happy that you even take my consideration on these guys. They’re going to do there very well in that league. Watch out for Kasey, he’s going to be a great player in this league and don’t be surprised if he would be an All League player, I can bet on that for sure. I know the work he puts in, he always works hard and everything like that, so I can’t wait to see him and I’m definitely going to be tuning in to games.

Scott Plaisance: I think Kasey has a very smooth and controlled game. The way he lets the game come to him combined with his versatility at range and getting to the basket will trouble any defense. Knowing him since college, I would say his personality has similar characteristics to his play on the court. He’s a selfless person with natural charisma. I see him being accepted and trusted by any organization he joins.

Johnathan Stove: Kasey is electric and so dynamic, combo guard who can make others better. A guy who can go on a 10-0 run by himself. Ridiculously fast and shifty and can score on all 3 levels. Quick hands on defense. Great anticipation. A great teammate and leader. Kasey is somebody who I trust my life with. He is one my closest friends and has the most genuine spirit of any I know. He’s sincere never given or told me anything that hasn’t come from a place of love. He’s somebody I don’t know where I would be without him in my life.

Kaposvari Teammates:
Marko Spica: Kasey is a great guy in all aspects of life. Good person, good player. I think Kasey’s first year was at Kaposvari in Hungary, he didn’t play much and good, he needed to adjust to the European style of basketball obviously so he was struggling a little bit with that. But I saw later on that he really made a progress as a player, he played in great teams and great leagues so I wish him all of the best.

Reggie Johnson: We played for 4 weeks together in Hungary. One thing I can say is that his story is amazing. When he came out there he was just on a try out contract and he came, worked hard, went on from there and pretty much jump started his career. He’s a real good player as you guys of course are going to see, a guard that plays well and is more importantly a good teammate and a good guy. Now we actually train together a little bit in the off season, we both live in Houston. He’s just a good guy, it’s been real good to see his progress in his career.

Batumi Teammates:
Levan Eliadze: First of all he is a very good person and of course very good athlete too. its a very big pleasure to play next to him. He’s a smart player. he sees court really well which is what every team needs. He is very hard worker and very purposeful as well.

Spencer Collins: Kasey is one of the best players I have played with, and has the ability to create his own shot and create for others. He has a good attitude and is always in a good minder, never too excited and never negative whether team is winning or losing. He’s always working and getting extra reps in when no one else is working and never takes a day off. Off the court, he gets along with everyone, never gets in any trouble, he’s definitely someone everyone would enjoy being around.

Kyiv Teammates:
Deon Edwin: Kasey is a great guy on and off the court. He works every time he’s on the court & he’s a team guy and does whatever takes to win games. Hapoel Afula have a great player can’t wait to follow up and see the success they have.

Kyndahl J Hill: Kasey is a great guy and great teammate. I enjoyed playing alongside him.

Yuriy Kondrakov: Only positive impressions remained from communicating with Kasey a cool person and player.

Illia Zaiets: He is a super good person, when we were together on the same time we use to talk a lot about everything, he taught me a lot in basketball.
Anton Musiyenko: I played with Kasey, though only 3 months. I can say that in my career he was one of the most sociable Americans, there was always something to talk about and learn from him. He is cool.

Novgorod Teammates:
Sergey Toropov: About Kasey I can say only good words! He is guy who open for people, good teammate, friendly and funny guy, I never saw him have any problem with coaches and teammates when we played together and also good player and hard worker! So I am sure he will help Hapoel in the new season!

Evgeni Baburin: He is a great person and an excellent team player, it was comfortable with him both in the locker room and outside it! I think there is nothing more to add.

Cluj Teammates:
Nemanja Gordic: Kasey is one of the best teammates I had, great person on and off the court, talented player who wants to improve every day, a great team player, but also can be very dynamic as a scorer, very good in transition game, very quick hands in defense, he can help the team on multiple ways.

Emanuel Cate: Kasey Shepherd is a great guy, good player who can score the ball in many situations and a good lockerroom presence.

Nandor Kuti: He is great guy. Quiet but hard worker. He is very good in transition and can shoot. Good defensive player.

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