Amar’e Stoudemire reveals: He’s off for Shabbat, looking for a Shidduch, speaks Hebrew and more!

Jan 25, 2021 | Holyland Hoops

Amar’e Stoudemire who is now serving as an assistant on Steve Nash’s staff with the Brooklyn Nets held a Q&A about everything under the sun on his Instagram Story earlier this week.

Stoudemire, who won the Israeli League championship and MVP award with Maccabi Tel Aviv last season recently completed his conversion in the Holy Land and revealed a number of interesting facts about his life as a Jew.

When asked how he stays grounded and humble despite being a celebrity, the former 6X All-Star answered that The Torah helps help and knowing that we are all created by God. Many people wanted to know if Stoudemire was married and if he was looking for a “Shidduch” a match, he said that he was no longer married and that he is ready, hopes to find one and needs to create a Shidduch resume.

As to how Amar’e came up with the Hebrew name of Yehoshaphat he responded that he got the name from a Torah Scholar R’ Ben Judah. In fact, those who wondered if Stoudemire speaks Hebrew found out that he does as well and he prays Nusach Sepharadi.

One of the highlights of the Q&A was to find out that Stoudemire isn’t required to work on Shabbat, “I’m off for Shabbat thanks to the beautiful organization of the Brooklyn Nets.

Not only is Amar’e an assistant with the Nets, he’s also learning Torah and taking classes at the University of Miami and he was asked how he balances it all, “It takes dedication and help to manage.”

For those who wonder if his wines, are Kosher, well they are and why he cut his hair, he wanted to clean up his look.

Finally, he said that he is still in touch with former Knicks teammate Carmelo Anthony from time to time and that his best memory from Madison Square Garden was the MVP chants.

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