WWE Wrestling and the NY Times

Whenever there is a wrestling article in a major newspaper you can always count on various items to be included.

#1-There is always a malcontent wrestler that has to be interviewed, that is a requirement. Never has there been an article about wrestling (other than on a wrestling website) that hasn’t quoted one of these fellows.

#2-There has to be an explicit description about injuries and poor conditions for the wrestlers. We always have to read about how it’s not as fake as the general public is made to believe.

#3-There has to be a mention about a wrestler that has died. For whatever which reason. Be it depression, drugs or injury, this is a must for the writer to discuss. How can there be a wrestling article without a death in the family?

#4-The name McMahon MUST MUST MUST be written in the article no doubt about that. How can there ever be an article in a newspaper without Vince or his wife Linda being mentioned.

Now back to the article in reference. The New York Times published a piece today about Linda McMahon’s run for Senate in the State of Connecticut.

One would think an article headlined by “A Senate Run Brings Wrestling into Spotlight” would discuss Ms. McMahon’s dream of serving in the Senate as a Republican. Or her thoughts about what she could do for her State. Or what her general feelings about policies that the Obama government has put into place. Or what she would want to see changed in her state?



This hatchet job article had numbers 1-4 mentioned above all over this article and discussed NOTHING of her candidacy, but just about the legal business that she and her husband runs.

A business that is publicly traded I might add.

A business that does nothing ILLEGAL. They don’t have any illegal workers. All of the wrestlers are contracted and in essence self employed. Meaning the WWE doesn’t have to deal with social security, pension or benefits for their entertainers. Nothing illegal with that.

However, we have malcontents such as Dawn Marie Damatta and  Allen Ray Sarven quoted all over this article about how unfair the work schedule is, how unfair it is that there is no union, how unfair it is that no one cares about them after they finish with wrestling.

I have to say one thing about this. If you have a problem with it, don’t work for the WWE. get the wrestlers together, walk out enmasse from the McMahon’s and form your own business and stop making Vince rich! take it into your own hands! That’s all you have to do.

As long as the McMahon’s work the law to perfection and you decide to work for them, well then… Tough luck. It’s your fault for not changing the system.

Vince McMahon is a brilliant business man and he has built an ultimate empire. Yes you can complain and say, oh we can never break Vince, never be able to go out on our own. Well, no one is stopping you.

Vince runs his business fair and square. Stop Complaining and Start Doing.

A side note to this article. The wrestler Chris Kanyon mentioned in the article having committed suicide once sat next to me at a New York Rangers game at Madison Square Garden. He seemed like a nice fellow, signed some autographs and was in general upbeat. I guess you never really know what goes on in anyone else’s head and again I don’t want to belittle the problems this article discussed, but I feel strongly in the fact if you are running a legal business and everything is on the table then it is YOUR decision no ones else to work or not work in that type of place.

And, again what did this article have to do with Linda McMahon’s Senate run? Well absolutely nothing. It all had to do with the New York Times agenda against the republicans, plain and simple.

Shabbat Shalom from Jerusalem


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