World Cup Preview Part 3-My Picks for the World Cup

World Cup Preview Part 3-My Picks for the World Cup

If all goes as planned in my group play analysis, which of course I am sure it will, well, because I am The Sports Rabbis the second round will look like this:

Second Round

France v. Greece-I will take the wily old group of Frenchman to take this match and move on. Their veterans should see them through against Greece.

Argentina v. Mexico-I like Maradona’s er excuse me, Messi’s Argentina in this end to end match up with lots of speed, but the Argentinians superior skill will be no match for Mexico’s youngsters.

USA v. Ghana-By finishing first in their group the USA will avoid Germany and will get the far inferior team in Ghana and will make quick work of them on their way to the quarters.

Germany v. England-A classic. Don’t think Germany has forgotten many of the spankings they received at the hands of the English, but this time the result for them will be no different and Fabio Capello’s men will take care of the Germans.

Holland v. Slovakia-The Dutch will take control and decimate the lucky Slovakians who will just be in awe at the Oranje’s skill and pace.

Italy v. Cameroon-The Cup holders will also make quick work of Cameroon and send them packing. Italy will begin to jell and bring their best efforts when they really count.

Brazil v. Switzerland-Brazil will easily beat the Swiss in this match-up. No more comments needed.

Spain v. Ivory Coast-This could be one of the best games of Round 2 and should provide all out attacking. However, the Euro 2008 winners will make it through.

Quarter Finals

France v. USA-The French at this point will fail in their bid to reclaim the title they won in 1998 with a devastating loss to the USA. The US will be clicking on all cylinders and the neutral site will play to their benefit and send them further than no USA team has gone before.

Argentina v. England-What a great match up, shades of Michael Owen & David Beckham from 1998. This will be a classic. However, Maradona will self implode at the thought of taking on the Brits and his Argentina team will be smashed with England’s much stronger players. Tevez will cause problems for England but not enough.

Holland v. Brazil-Another great game on tap. Holland will be flying and so will Brazil. But it will be the 2002 World Cup Champions that will send the Dutch home.

Italy v. Spain-Another classic, what a great quarter final round, could we get any better games? In this tilt we’ll see the Italians taking out the Spaniards and advance to a semi final match up with England and their friend Fabio Capello.

Semi Finals

USA v. Brazil-This is where the USA will show flashes of dominance never seen before on the world stage. Brazil will be on their heals as the USA punishes them with fantastic goal tending and terrific play from their strikers. The US avenges the Confederations Cup final form last year in South Africa and turn the tables on the South American nation.

England v. Italy-Two similar styles in play both coached by Italians, how much would the Italian and English press be eating this up? Lippi and Capello will be at each others throats, but as usual, the English will not know how to finish the job and the 2006 Champions will see their way through to a rematch of their toughest opponent from last World Cup. The USA.


USA v. Italy-What a game we will have here. United States President, Barack Hussein Obama will make his way to South Africa for the final, that will pit two great countries. The US will be pumped with nothing to lose and the Italians will be tight seeing that they have a chance to repeat and cause national pandemonium back home. Millions of people will be watching the US as Soccer will take over the nation, Baseball? What’s that? All Star game? Who’s playing the people will ask, America will be at a stand still for a game for the ages, one that we have for decades been waiting for and will…… WIN THE 2010 World Cup and all its Glory as the team will fly back on Air Force One to a country in Euphoria!

The Sports Rabbi Says-The USA will win the World Cup!!!!!

Thoughts from the Pulpit

1) The Lakers looked good for 3 quarters and then collapsed. Even with technical fouls, bad shots and poor play the Celtics were able to take the game because of the BIG lift Big Baby Glen David gave his team off of the bench. 18 pts for him and 12 for Nate Robinson led the Boston attack as the home team bench outscored the Lakers 36-18. Boston was also very active on the offensive boards collecting 16 rebounds vs. the Lakers 8 and the Boston paws had 12 steals to the Lakers 6. And there you have it a guaranteed trip back to LA.

2) Today it begins. The World Cup has finally arrived once again and I hope you found my Preview informative and fun! I am very much looking forward to the games where we will see the ecstasy of victory and the agony(hopefully to England) of defeat. We will see some of the most memorable plays and some, well we will want to forget. But nothing beats a world class tournament and we have that beginning with South Africa taking on Mexico later. Enjoy!

Shabbat Shalom from Jerusalem

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  1. Carlos Parra

    Sports Rabbi, I think you must have gotten into the kiddush wine…but at least someone still believes in Project 2010.

    I guess there’s a reason you didn’t name your blog “The Sports Navi.”

    • Israel Sports

      Hold on there, Ghana won, I called them to finish 2nd in their group, however, Greece looked terrible.

      The US played solidly vs. England and should take care of Slovenia and Algeria who both looked terrible yesterday.

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