“We want to represent Israel with honor” Tomer Ginat readies for Poland and Estonia

Nov 24, 2021 | Holyland Hoops

Tomer Ginat who is currently playing for Metropolitans in France is one of the Israel National Team’s veteran forwards and has been a main cog for the Blue & White since the program has been reinvigorated following the 2017 Eurobasket.

The former Hapoel Tel Aviv captain looked ahead to the World Cup qualifying window which begins on Thursday when Israel hosts Poland and then continues in Estonia on Sunday.

“I’m very happy to have the chance to make a quick trip back to Israel and to be a part of the National Team is always great. To meet up with friends and play in front of the home crowd is also wonderful. The National Team is very special and is different than any other team that one plays on. You play for your country and we want to represent the country with honor.”

Tomer Ginat – Photo Credit: FIBA

Israel hasn’t been to the World Cup since 1986 and have only played in the competition twice as Ginat understands that this is the team’s ultimate goal, “We are aware that we haven’t been to the World Cup in a very long time and we are focusing on our first two games coming up. When the Eurobasket comes up next year we will then work on that but right now we want to have a successful two games in qualifying.”

Since moving to Europe at the start of last season, Ginat has gained a very different experience than the one he had with Hapoel Tel Aviv and by playing just in Israel.

“The level I have played at the past year and a half is much higher than I had been used to which has improved my own play both offensively and defensively as well as my overall understanding of the game. The Maccabi Tel Aviv players will be of big help and I am happy that they are a part of the National Team. The team goal is to do the best we can together.”

Tomer Ginat – Photo Credit: FIBA

As for the immediate challenge at hand, the Blue & White have played Poland a number of times in the recent past with the same squad over the last few years, “We are very familiar with Poland and we played them this past February. They have bigs and are less athletic than other national teams. They are very aggressive and they want to begin the tournament just the way we want to. We are better prepared as we have had 3-4 years of working together and we can see the improvement from window to window.”

On Monday morning, Ginat posted a message on both Instagram and Twitter about his battle with anxiety which he faced when he departed Israel to go play in France. In what has been an important topic over the past number of years, the Israeli forward addressed its nature and the challenge that he had to face.

“I didn’t plan on posting the message that I did because of the National Team. I came to a point with myself that I felt comfortable talking about some of my feelings and this was something important for me to do because there are many others who are suffering and dealing with the same issues that I have been. I am happy that I did so and now I am completely focused on the National Team.”

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