“We are working hard and are very motivated” Maccabi Tel Aviv’s Jake Cohen and Ioannis Sfairopoulos get ready for league play on June 20th

Jun 9, 2020 | Holyland Hoops

Maccabi Tel Aviv held a press conference ahead of the resumption of the 2019/20 season. CEO Edri Marcus, Head Coach Ioannis Sfairopoulos and Acting Captain Jake Cohen spoke via Zoom about getting back to the hardwood.

Coach Sfairpoulos began the proceedings:
“After a long while we gave the chance to talk again even via Zoom. I want to wish everyone health during this situation. We are preparing for the league with protocols and are getting ready for the resumption of the league on June 20th. We have to take care of the players due coronavirus but also injuries. We already have one player, John DiBartolomeo who was injured with the Achilles tear and we are very disappointed. We hope he comes back soon.”

Getting prepared and avoiding further injuries:
“We will try to reach our best point and best level step by step. The players were off for a few months and they have to get back into playing shape. In the summer the players usually take a few weeks off but after that they work on basketball skills and here the didn’t. I hope that we won’t have any more injuries.”

Handling the situation without John DiBartolomeo:
“We will try the best way for the team and the best to the players who we have within the team to fill in the gap. These games are very important to finish first and we have a goal to play Sandy and find some solutions inside the team after so many injuries. We have to overcome the absence of John.”

Playing without fans:
“A lot of times in Greece we have played games without fans and this is difficult. We all act for the fans in attendance as well as on Tv. This will affect us and we will have to get used to this. We will miss the Maccabi fans and for sure their presence is very important.”

Staying in Israel over the Coronavirus period:
“The government was able to keep the effects of Corona very low and we were really safe and we never had any bad thoughts about not staying in Israel. We took the right the decision to be here.”

Not scheduling an exhibition game:
“I believe a lot in our practices and I don’t want to play any games and there is no need to have a scrimmage. We will get ready through our practices.”

Jake Cohen spoke about getting back into the groove of things:
“I see us progressing well and the guys who were in the quarantine we were able to work and getting back guys from the states we have been able to getting our chemistry back which isn’t easy and we are working hard and we are very motivated.”

About mental health:
“I think that it is a very big concern and I’m very touched on it a lot, I think I’ve been very clear our until now. It’s very important for us to get back into a regular routine.”

No fans in the stands:
“Of course we will miss or fans and they bring a lot of energy and a lot of love. It may be a bit easier to talk on defense but I don’t think it will play a big part.”

Edli Marcus the Maccabi Tel Aviv CEO also talked about the situation at hand and waiting to hear from the Ministry of Health concerning the request to lighten up some of the restrictions:

“We are all dealing with a situation that no one is familiar with and I don’t see anything controversial with how things are being handled. We are still waiting for an answer from the ministry of health and they all know the issues at hand.”

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