WATCH! How one man changed the face of racism in Israeli Sports by implementing change

Jul 13, 2020 | Football

Ricky Studencki took my “Zionism Through Sports” university course in 2017 and was enthralled with how much sports in Israel also sheds a light into society at large. Ricky decided to take an element that he had learnt about and create a video featuring Moshe Hogeg, the Beitar Jerusalem owner who has been battling racism within the club and its fans since he purchased it.

Here is why Ricky created this fantastic video, “One of the things I remember learning was about Beitar Jerusalem and the racism incidents that happened at games pre 2017. Fast Forward, to today, since racism has been a big topic this year, I remember this story well and wanted to make a video about this. To my surprise since 2018, they actually changed the culture significantly. To give everyone hope, I made a video about this and I hope you all enjoy it.”

Racism is a term we’ve heard a lot recently. It has got me thinking of how we could solve it. I don’t have an ‘end all’ answer but I do have an inspiring story of how a sports team ended racism.

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