The Sports Rabbi’s 10 Random Thoughts & Questions from Euro 2012!

Well folks an amazing tournament has unfortunately come to an end. Great games, great match-ups, terrific pace, awesome goals and fabulous play will all be remembered from this unique event. Arguably the best soccer tourney in the world. Yes, better even than the World Cup.

Spain hoists the Trophy in a 4-0 trouncing of Italy

Congratulations to Spain, this generation’s best team, top to bottom, from technique to tactics, Spain is by far the best.

Below are my 10 Random thoughts and Questions from EURO 2012:

1) Excuse me, but how did Torres win the Golden Boot? It’s interesting that a player who did not play against Portugal and made a cameo in the final vs. Italy when the pressure was off takes home the prize.

2) As a whole Eastern European Football is no where near the Western countries.

3) Who will be able to beat Spain in 2014? Remember Brazil is only playing Friendlies as they are host-I watched Sao Paulo vs. Cruzeiro and offensively there are gifted players, defensively, we’ll have to see.

4) Spain looked at Portugal as a much bigger threat than Italy as we saw from the makeup of the lineup and the actually tactics played out in the match.

5) Roy Hodgson needs some quality time to mold England into a true contender. Can he do it, I believe so as we saw it in flashes during the tournament.

6) Michel Platini needs to calm down and relax before he destroys a great competition. I know we are about to add teams to the next one, but please let’s not start fixing something that is no where near broken.

7) France has a chance to be very dangerous in Brazil, IF they can find the right coach as Benzema & co. continue to get better and develop.

8) Italy has done a nice job becoming a factor again after their World Cup victory in 2006 and have we seen Balotelli becoming a more mature player both on and off the field?

9) Germany will also continue to improve and Joachim Low is the right coach for this team.

10) Israel has a long, long way to go to be able to compete with these countries. Avraham Grant got Israel the closest for 2006 as they were level on points with France, however, Israel needs to develop players at a young age and under a proper regimen, not what we have now.

More on #10 in the near future…

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