The Name is Neymar

The name is Neymar.

Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior.

Or just, Neymar.

The most anticipated arrival to the soccer scene will make his way Sunday night to the pantheons of Brazilian greats when he graces the pitch against the world champions Spain in the Confederations Cup Final in Brazil.


Yes Neymar.

Have you heard of him?

He’s the next Brazialian hero for all of soccer kind.

He is the next great Ronaldo.

Or Rivaldo

Or Adriano

Or Robinho

Or Ronaldinho

Or Cafu

Or Romario

Or may we even dare to mention the great Pele.

Yes Neymar.

He’s next in the great line of South American soccer princes.

Neymar will be hanging out at the Nou Camp with Barcelona next season.

Yes Neymar, have you heard of him?

You can see him take on the best of the best.

Yes Neymar.

Israel may host Neymar and his friend at Barcelona in the preseason.

Yes Neymar, will be playing the soccer greats tonight and he will play with the soccer greats this coming season including someone by the name of Leo Messi.

Messi, is by far the most popular player in Israel and of course in the world.

Messi dazzles. Messi creates. Messi scores.

Messi is Messi.

Messi arguably the most talked about player of his generation.

However, the stage is set for the coming out party for the next great one.

Yes Neymar. With a terrific tournament already and a brilliant career with Santos, Neymar scores in bunches.

Look at his first international appearances against the United States, his first senior match for Brazil on the big stage, which he turned into his coming out party, yes with a goal in a 2-0 victory for Brazil.

Neymar. A petition of 14,000 tried to get him included on the 2010 Brazil World Cup Squad.

Even some of the greats mentioned above begged for Neymar to be included. But he was not. Next year there will be no question of him being on the World Cup squad.

This has been Neymar’s tournament.

This has been Neymar’s chance to be in the spotlight.

This is now the chance to see the match up between the world’s best

The Great One, against arguably the greatest team.

Will Neymar be on the backs of every Israeli youth like Messi and Ronaldo? (just ask my children! They already have both!)

Time will tell. But one thing is for sure. You can catch Neymar tonight as he is about to write history.

And you will probably not be sorry.

Yes Neymar.

Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior

Or just Neymar.

Have you heard of him?

If you haven’t, you in Israel, your children and the rest of the world will hear about him very very soon.

Yes, Neymar.

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