The Cheeky Backheel Podcast! Israel National Team Drops Out Of World Cup Qualifying!

Right click here to download The Cheeky Backheel Podcast from September 10, 2013

Raphael Gellar Times of Israel Sports Contributor and host of Kicking it with Raphael on World Football Daily and on twitter @raphaelg23 joined The Sports Rabbi to effectively wrap up the Israel Football National Team World Cup Qualifying Campaign after drawing with Azerbejan 1-1 at home Saturday night and losing to Russia in St. Petersburg 3-1. You ask effectively? Well since they have two more games left, they will be for cementing the 3rd position in their group behind of Russia & Portugal.

Raphael & I speak about the ups and downs about the campaign and look forward to the Euro 2016 qualifying matches coming up in September 2014. We also discuss who the future coach may be and what players will be the key cogs for the years to come!

So make sure to tune in and check us out on iTunes!

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