The challenges ahead for the Israel National Football Team, Gal Mekel

1) This week’s Sports Rabbi column in The Jerusalem Post focuses on the Israel National Football team as they enter UEFA’s brand new Nations League. The challenges that Willi Ruttensteiner has ahead of him and much more.

Courtesy FIBA

2) Israel National Basketball Team Captain Gal Mekel looked back at the 22-point victory over Russia, “We didn’t expect to play such fluid basketball but we had worked on this things during practice. However, this was just our first game and we’ve seen from past campaigns that this games are good for confidence but don’t guarantee anything. We have to keep working hard and come into next week’s game ready to go.”

“The younger players are doing well and we are a very young national team. Guy Pnini and I are the only ones who were here almost ten years ago. These players have done well with the you get age groups and they are proving themselves worthy now with the senior team. We are very happy that there is a bright future.”

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