Sports Rabbi, Jon Scheiman & LeBron James!

WOW! What a BIG SPORTS WEEKEND for The Sports Rabbi!

Firstly, I must thank my great, terrific, fantastic, one of a kind correspondent Jon Scheiman of True Hoops NY for covering the NBA all year long, but last night took the cake!

Jon was at the Boston Celtics vs. Miami Heat Game 6 and had the opportunity to speak with LeBron James at the post game press conference and Jon, The Sports Rabbi & LeBron James were all over ESPN and every major sports news outlet all night long!

I remember the day when I covered my first event in Israel and saw how the heads turned when I got up to ask a question, well the same happened last night, this time during the NBA Playoffs! Does it get any better than that.

Here is a link to listen in!

While Jon is manning the NBA playoffs, The Sports Rabbi is busy at the Canadian GP!

So enjoy and Shabbat Shalom to all!

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