Sfairopoulos: “Milano are the favorites”

Coach Ioannis Sfairopoulos looked ahead to Maccabi Tel Aviv’s Thursday night Euroleague clash at Milano, 21:45 Israel time in what is a critical matchup for both squads as they vie for a place in the Top 8.

“It’s a very important game for both teams and we are both fighting for the playoffs. They are playing on their home court and that is an advantage for them. But we will go there to fight for ourselves and our team. We worked on small derails both on offense and defense to improve our game and we will fight hard.”

Favorites? “Milano are the favorites because they are playing on their home court and when we play away it’s a minus. But we will fight for our chances.”

Pressure: “I don’t feel extra pressure and it was more difficult when I came to change things around. Now e are in a situation that we are fighting. We have a positive record since I came to the team. We will fight until the end. It will be more crucial for them if they lose than for us.”

Johnny O’Bryant looked ahead to the game, “This is their home court and they will be rowdy. It’s a big game against both us.”

Who is the pressure on? “I think the pressure is on them because they are on their home court. We have to just go in, fight hard and try to get the win.”

James Nunnaly joined Milano recently, “This will be the first time I am facing him and he’s a really good player. I have watched some film. He’s a veteran and a really good shooter. He adds depth to a really good lineup.”

Tarik Black also spoke about the upcoming contest and what the coach has been able to do with the tan since joining the club in November, “Coach has done a great job and he has been able to get us all on the same page. We have a lot of new guys including my self and it was going to take time.

Is it key for Black to be in the starting 5? “I feel like we have a fully capable guy in Alex Tyus and last time we played Milan Alex started and we played really well. He did a great job. The stretch where I was starting we were getting wins then to. For me I starting or coming off the bench I wasn’t to bring a high level eery night. But being starter brings a morale in yourself. Regardless I am here to do a job to the best of my abilities regardless.”

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