Semi Finals! Game Day 7 At The UEFA Under-21 European Championship!

The two semi-final matchups took place and the fans were given a treat with a rematch of the 2012 Euro Championships! Let’s hope that Italy won’t go down 4-0 as the senior team did last year!

Spain 3-0 Norway

The Good:

Where to begin! Isco, Morata, de Gea! All were magical as Spain booked their well deserved spot in the final. Morata with 4 goals, Isco with amazing play & de Gea with another clean sheet have shown everyone why they are the class of the tournament. Excellent ball play and the fact that the team has many players that play for top level clubs proved that the cream comes to the top when you bring your A squad.

The Bad:

Italy is going to have a tough time with Spain in the final. They will present them with their hardest challenge of the Israel tournament thus far. I don’t think we can say a bad word about Spain.

The Ugly:

The way Norway collapsed at the end of the game. Though outplayed, Norway was able to hang touch with Spain but the two late goals killed any chance that they might have tied it up.

Italy 1-0 Netherlands

The Good:

Italy though thoroughly outplayed by Holland found a way to stymie the Dutch offense and squeeze through to the finals which will be held Tuesday night in Jerusalem on a beautiful passing play goal between Insigne & Borini. The Liverpool striker finally buried a goal after many chances thus far this tournament and gave the Italians the only goal they needed. Another clean sheet by the ‘keeper also helped in setting up what is arguably a final between the two best teams in the tournament.

The Bad:

Holland had chances all game long and held possession for the majority of the match but could not break down the Italians tough defense at HaMoshava Stadium in Petach Tikva.

The Ugly:

The Holland coach Cor Pot for not starting his best players against Spain in what seemed to be a meaningless game for either team. This was a BIG mistake as if the Oranje would have won they would have faced Norway and an easier path to the finals. Coach Pot wanted a chance to play his best versus Spain’s best but he blew the chance himself by starting all of his subs and then revert back to his starting lineup against Italy. He not only disappointed the fans last Wednesday, but he now only has himself to look at in the mirror for an error in judgement.

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