Selfless Teammate, Smart & Efficient, Focused On Winning: Who are you Hapoel Holon forward Hans Vanwijn?

Dec 6, 2023 | Holyland Hoops

Hans Vanwijn recently signed with Hapoel Holon, replacing Amine Noua who departed due to the war and the security situation in Israel. The 28- year old forward arrives in the Holy Land with numerous years of European basketball experience and made his debut for the Purples this past weekend when he scored 7 points in 15 minutes of play in a win over Hapoel Afula.

Holon will “host” Bonn on Wednesday (18:45 Israel time) in their home away from home in Riga, Latvia as they will look to improve on their 2-1 record in Basketball Champions League play.

The Belgian began playing basketball in his homeland with Leuven, Limburg and Antwerp where he helped the latter win a pair of league titles while being named the player of the year as well. In addition he was part of the squad that took home 3rd place in the 2019 BCL Final Four that was hosted in Antwerp.

Next up for Vanwign was stops at Dijon, Zaragoza, Nanterre and Gravelines while having also featured for his country in the last Eurobasket where he averaged 6.8 points and 3.3 rebounds per game.

“I’m happy that we were able to sign Hans,” head coach Amit Sherf said. “He’s a Belgium National Team player who is about to just burst onto the scene where he can show his talent and qualities. I’m sure that he will integrate quickly and will help us reach our short term goal which is to advance to the next stage in BCL play along with the long term goals of the club.”

Hans Vanwijn – Photo Credit: FIBA

To learn more about Vanwign, The Sports Rabbi was in touch with numerous teammates to find out what the Belgian brings to the table.

Former Belgium National Team teammate and current assistant coach with Bonn Lionel Bosco: I only played with him few times with Belgium national team. But I played against him several times… was a dominant player in Belgium… could play position 1 to 4 easily. To be honest, good player for Holon and the way Holon is playing… a lot of switch and Hans can guard different position. He has been struggling this season but I’m sure he will bounce back in an environment where he can be trusted.

Leuven Teammate Jonathan Dubas: We played together in Belgium and it was Hans’ first year as a pro. Really nice guy with already a great work ethic! He was more playing as a guard at that time but he could do everything. 206cm guard is always something. I follow his career but didn’t really kept contact with him but he has a very solid career and I’m actually not surprised at all! I have only good and positive memories with him.

Limburg Teammates:
Elias Lasisi: He is one of my best friends. Hans is a very versatile player. He can play on the 3,4,5 he even played as a point guard in Limburg United in Belgium sometimes. He is a good passer, rebounder, defender. Very skilled. Was a little unlucky last years with the teams he played for and also had an injury in Nanterre which made it hard to finish that season. For the rest he is a good person, family man. Also does a lot of basketball camps for kids in Belgium.

Seth Tuttle: Great player. Hans is extremely versatile on offense and has the length to defend multiple positions on defense. He’s a great teammate and every team is lucky to have him.

Hans Vanwijn – Photo Credit: FIBA

Brieuc Lemaire: He’s a very talented player. He can play several positions. When I played with him, he played as a playmaker but also as a small forward. Defensively, he can also defend from point guard to post 4. He’s a player who, if he finds the confidence, can really make an impact in a team.

Sam Proesmans: Hans is a very talented hard working player. When I played in the youth leagues in Belgium against him he played on the point guard what gives him his great handles for a tall player like him. When I played with him .. I get to know him as a very positive minded player. In the offseason he also organizes some youth camps in Belgium. One of those camps is in his hometown, which makes him for me also a very loyal and thankful person.

Scott Thomas: Great person who will fit in with his teammates right away. He is very unselfish and he only cares about winning. He is very versatile and can play multiple positions. Hans is an extremely hard worker who will do whatever it takes to help his team.

Glen Camps: it’s been over 7 years that I played with him. But I always liked playing with him. Great teammate on and off the court. I have known him from when we where 13 years old.

Jordan Swing: he was a great teammate when I played with him … played hard, unselfish and did what needed to be done to win was also fun to hang out with outside of the court.

Hans Vanwijn – Photo Credit: FIBA

Nick Celis: I played with Hans when he was still really young. But you could see how mature he was as a basketball player. He loved to play, he was always focused on winning basketball and still he did the right things on the court.

It was a pleasure to be with him on the court which is remarkable. Not so many players know when to roll to the basket, how to roll, how to play off other players. His basketball IQ makes him a perfect 3×3 player in which he would blossom. When I played with him he was a dynamic 4 but now he can also be a 3 with a good shot and very good postmoves.

As a young kid he seemed really confident, what is important to put your stamp on the team. He was also a funny guy with really good humor. I think you added a gem to your team. I hope he can play like his first year in France and you will all love him as a player.

Antwerp Teammates:
Thomas Akyazili: Me and him played together for two years in Antwerp when we went to the Final 4 in BCL. Hans is a hardworking, great guy. He’s very talented, got great size and is really good at attacking off the dribble. I think he will be able to help Hapoel Holon this season in BCL.

Moses Kingsley: Great father, selfless teammate, amazing player.

Vrenz Bleijenbergh: He is a great guy, great player but he had few unlucky years. He has to be mentally strong to get back where he can be.

Hans Vanwijn – Photo Credit: FIBA

Dave Dudzinski: congrats to Holon for signing a great player. I think he will do well in a new situation. His natural position is a hybrid 3/4 type forward. He will do well if they have big guys who can feed him high/low sealing smaller defenders in the paint. Euroleague body and size, great rebounder. Good shooter when he’s in the flow of the offense. Unselfish player, good guy off the court. He needs a good situation where he can redevelop his confidence after a couple up and down years with injuries and unstable teams. Holon is a great organization I think it’s a good fit.

Luka Rupnik: He is experienced big guard who can play 3, 4. Great teammate off the court And very versatile on the court..he can affect game on many ways.

Niels De Ridder: Hans is a great guy and also a very good friend till this day. On the court he can do everything shoot, in the post, on defense,… I think he belongs in champions league and will do great. Had a very fun time playing with him.

Dijon Teammate Tom Hyenne: I was at Dijon when Hans played there. He is really a good nice guy. He was so gentle with us, the young who came from U21 team. As a basketball player he is athletic with good fundamentals. Smart and efficient. He is a polyvalent player and such a good teammate!

Nanterre Teammates:
Keith Hornsby: Hans Vanwijn. His time in Holon can hopefully be a bit of a redemption arc for him. Last season he was unlucky with a bad ankle injury and was placed in an awkward position of “forced play”, so it’s unfair to judge his performance last season due to the difficult circumstances. Now that he’s healthy, there’s no question he can bring a lot of positives to a team. He’s a got a polished skill set for his size and an impressive feel for the game. He can hit threes too, so he can help space the floor as well as a stretch 4. He’s a good guy, and I hope the best for him.

Hans Vanwijn – Photo Credit: FIBA

Sadio Doucoure: Hans is a great guy honestly I spend 6month with him I can only say good things about him and his family. Nice guy, was always joking with teammates and if he is healthy , he can be really dangerous on the court.

Edwin Jackson: He’s an extremely nice guy, polished 4 man, can make threes when open, he fights, high IQ basketball player, can play in the post, he can do a lot of good things. Definitely a good edition, a strong big man. I think he will do well.

Gravelines Teammates:
Loren Jackson: All around great dude great teammate. Can really shoot and pass the ball

Johnny Berhanemeskel: He’s a very high IQ player, that wants to play the right way and plays within the system to help his team. Versatile and can impact the game one of the best passing big men I have played with too.

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