Scott Burcham Interview: Israel Baseball Star

For the first time in the Israeli Baseball history, Israel will be participating in the World Baseball Classic after qualifying for the main tournament.

As part of the special coverage from the Sports Rabbi, we did a short interview with Team Israel player, Scott Burcham.

Scott Burcham is currently a shortstop in the Colorado Rockies minor league system. Burcham batted .455 in the World Baseball Classic Qualifiers in September.

Burcham was born in Phoenix, but raised in California. He played A league baseball in the Rockies farm system, and played 4 years of college ball at Sacremento State. He was named Top Defensive shortstop in Southland by the Los Angeles Times.

S.R: What does it mean to you to be representing Israel on the international stage?
S.B: Representing Israel has been an amazing experience so far. Although I’ve never been to Israel I know how much this team means to the country. It is an honor to play for Israel on this stage..

S.R: What is your connection to Israel & Judaism?
S.B: Like I said before, I’ve never been to Israel but I am Jewish. My mother’s side of the family is Jewish.

S.R: Why is the World Baseball Classic an important part of your life and career?
S.B: An experience like this doesn’t come up very often. It is important for me as a person and for my career. It gives me a chance to visit places I would never have gone to. The WBC is also a good time to showcase your talent in front of millions of people, which can really help a person’s career.

S.R: How do feel about Israel’s chances in World Baseball Classic? What are your expectations for yourself personally to grow through this experience?
S.B: We are confident, it’s baseball and we know we are a talented group of guys. If we play like we are supposed to we will be a tough team to beat. I really don’t have many expectations. I’m just going to really enjoy the opportunity I have been given, sometimes people get to caught up and forget to have fun.

The Sports Rabbi will have special coverage throughout Israel’s participation in the World Baseball Classic. Keep tuning into the Sports Rabbi to stay up to date with our Zionist stars!

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