Pulpit Podcast: Steve Marantz author of “The Rhythm Boys of Omaha Central” joins The Sports Rabbi

Steve Marantz, author of “The Rhythm Boys of Omaha Central: High School Basketball at the ’68 Racial Divide”, took the time to join me for an extended conversation about his new book.

Steve & I speak about what it was like growing up in Omaha, Nebraska in the late 1960’s and the integration of the various different communities within Omaha Central High School. We talk about the great high school basketball team led by Dwaine Dillard and explore the other players, their friends and personalities with others around them.

Who knew that a visit by then presidential candidate George Wallace would spark a fury of emotions, violence and strained relationships in a book that brings to the reader a clear picture of the civil rights movement.

It was an absolute pleasure and honor to have Steve join me and I look forward to welcoming him again!

So sit back and explore a great story, with a great author who really gives a vivid recollection of what he experienced around him back in 1968.

Click here to download Steve Marantz talking about his new book, “The Rhythm Boys of Omaha Central”

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  1. Hank Shrier

    Steve and I were classmates at CHS. I remember the Wallace Riots. Two of my classmates and I went to the rally to protest Wallace. It was surreal to see close friends getting beaten up by Alabama State Troopers.

    As I walked out of the game after we lost, I was commiserating with one of the cheer leaders. She was so upset that she dug her fingernail into my hand and cut me.

    Forty years later at our reunion, there was no divide among our class mates. The tables held both black and white 58 year old High School Students. Steve and I talked about his book. I told him of a fierce basketball game between Dwayne Dillard and Ernie Britt, the star player from a rival school.

    Three classmates, Steve Marantz, Howard Rosenberg and I all became authors. Howard has an illustrious career as a producer for 60 minutes. In 2006, I moved to Jerusalem where I still live.

    It was great to hear your interview with Steve. It’s a small world.

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