“Positive Energy” – Who are you Hapoel Beer Sheva forward Ben Moore?

Nov 21, 2022 | Holyland Hoops

Ben Moore signed with Hapoel Beer Sheva for the 2022/23 season and has been stellar so far this campaign with 19.4 points and 7.2 rebounds in his first five games.

The forward, out of Southern Methodist played college ball between 2013-17 where he averaged 11.4 points, 7.8 rebounds and 2.4 assists in his senior year before heading to the G-League and the Indiana Pacers. The 27-year old also played with Galatasaray in Turkey and Melbourne Phoenix in Australia and most recently in Puerto Rico.

This past Spring, Moore played under former Israeli League coach Brad Greenberg with the Mets in Puerto Rico where he scored 18.1 points, grabbed 9.1 boards and dished out 2.9 assists. In 141 career G-League games the big man checked in 12.4 points and collected 8.1 rebounds.

To find out more about Moore and what the southern Reds fans will be looking forward to seeing this season, The Sports Rabbi spoke to a myriad of former teammates as well as Coach Greenberg to find out more.

Mets coach Brad Greenberg: Ben is outstanding…on the court and off it. Smart, a very good player and a great teammate. He was out best player and one of the best players in the league this past season. Scores, rebounds, plays defense. A winner.

Mets teammates:

Mitchell Creek: He’s an amazing guy, a real teammate, plays for the guys around him, does all the little thing very well, rebounds, defends, blocks shots, communicates, finishes at very-very high level and plays with a lot of energy and tenacity so wherever he goes he’s gonna be successful just like he was in Puerto Rico. He’s awesome.

Melsahn Basabe: Great player extremely consistent and efficient. One of the best teammates I’ve had as a pro, great guy.

G-League teammates:

Cameron Rundles: Ben Moore – Listen – I’ve played all over the world and for 10+ seasons. Meaning I’ve had many, many teammates! Ben was one of the best teammates you could ever have! The type of dude who would give the shirt off his back to you. The type of dude who brings people along, never judges and makes people feel left out! The type of teammate you can rely on in all facets of the game/life on/off the court.

Lastly, he may be one of the most competitive people around! My nickname for him was Swiss Army Knife! That’s because when I watched him play he absolutely did everything on the floor! Everything! No body plays harder, no body is tougher! He’s the ultimate winner and the guy who can win championships with! And I’m not just blowing smoke, this is real talk! As they say!!

John Holland: That man is one of my favorite players. I love his game. He can do it all. Inside, outside, rebound, pass, IQ. He is a winner. Ben is one of the best teammates I’ve had. I admire him not only as a basketball player but also as a person. Looking forward to see what he does this season.

Tre Kelley: Ben Moore is one of the young guys that I’ve played over time that has always stood out to me. Not just his game but him as a person also. His multi-dimensional game is what makes him a great player. Being able to handle the ball, great shooting ability and playing inside/outside basketball is what makes him special. Not only talented but very skilled player and always comes to play every night. He’s a player that I have always wished well.

Jamil Wilson: Ben is an asset on both sides of the floor. He uses his iq of the game to allow him to be effective at all times. He’s constantly loving and active..he’s the type of player you love having on your team and hating seeing in a different jersey. His comfort level within his game is what makes him so effective and dangerous on the floor, he knows exactly who he is and regardless of what you do, he will continue to be himself.

Jakeenan Gant: He’s a leader on and off the court always positive great dude point forward lol can do it all.

SMU Teammate Ben Emelogu: Ben Moore is one of those players who will always do what it takes to come out with a win. Impacts the game in multiple ways and is willing to make sacrifices for the betterment of the team. Brings positive energy to a team improving the experience of the season. Not to mention a great cook, couldn’t say enough about the man.

Melbourne teammate Adam Gibson: Ben is a great man. He was really talented, he didn’t get as many opportunities as he should have, he should have played a lot more minutes but when he did he was high energy, really athletic, has many offensive skills, he could guard multiple positions but most of all, he was a great team mate. No matter the situation he brought a positive energy, he was funny to be around. I wish I got to play with him in my earlier years, we would have done some damage.

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