Podcast: Lang Whitaker joins The Sports Rabbi “Live from Jerusalem, Israel!”

In case you missed my Sports Rabbi “Live from Jerusalem, Israel!” show, Lang Whitaker, author of “In the Time of Bobby Cox: The Atlanta Braves, Their Manager, My Couch, Two Decades, and Me”, and Editor at Large at Slam magazine joined me for a great conversation about the Atlanta Braves and his new book. We talked all about his “relationship” with Bobby Cox and how he intertwined his personal life with his support of the Braves over the past few decades.

Great names from the Braves present and past are featured. Some of the old favorites like Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine and Chipper Jones help weave Lang through his life as a youngster and then as an adult when we get to the times of Jason Heyward.

Lang tells of a very personal story and this interview is not to be missed! I look forward to welcoming Lang on again to talk a little basketball if the lock out ever ends…

Click here to download Lang Whitaker talking about his new book, “In The Time of Bobby Cox”

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