Owens, Thomas & Katash look back at the 2018/19 campaign

Jun 12, 2019 | Uncategorized

Josh Owens, Tashawn Thomas and Hapoel Jerusalem coach Oded Katash all looked back on the season that was:

Josh Owens spoke about the season that was:
“It’s mostly just disappointment. It’s still very fresh and it hasn’t fully sunk in yet. More than anything disappointment is the word. We had high hopes for the Final Four and to come up short was very disappointing.”

About the semifinal loss to Rishon:
“The third quarter was when we feel apart and couldn’t string together enough momentum to excite the way we wanted to and put together a complete game to win. We could have played better defense and our pick and roll defense wasn’t executed as well as it should have been and they took advantage of that.”

His time in Jerusalem to date:
“I really enjoyed my experience here and I love the team, staff and organization. We were able to take the State Cup and made it to the Final 8 of the Champions League and the League Final Four.”

Next season:
“We haven’t even begun to talk about that yet.”

Dov Halickman Photography

Tashawn Thomas also looked back on the campaign:
“It’s so surreal to me and I can’t believe the season is over.”

Next season:
“As of now I’m coming back but I’m going to listen to see if there is other interest anywhere, but as of now I’m coming back here.”

The loss to Rishon:
“We could have focused on him a little more after his first quarter. He had a great game and a monster game. No one expected him to have that type of game and it was really big for him. Congratulations to him.”

Thanking Jerusalem:
“I played as hard as I can and wanted to make a statement. Jerusalem gave me an opportunity to do that.”

Will he stay or will he go?
“As of now ya, but I’m listening to other teams and if something happens or if there is something better I might have to move on.”

Dov Halickman Photography

Last but not least coach Oded Katash reflected on being knocked out of the Final Four:
“I didn’t sleep and I’m still recovering, it’s not simple as the whole season ended this way which was a surprise. This time it’s super tough.”

Leaving it all on the court:
“You can always look back and see what you could have done better and this season was extra special from the management to the last player; we all left it on the court and we did the maximum.”

“We can always learn and we will continue to improve and build on the season as we are now smarter as well. We know where we need to improve and straighten ourselves. This also happened in the series against Tenerife.”

Killer instinct:
“We had a killer instinct during the season, perhaps not in every game but I don’t think that any club has that all the time.”

Composition of the coaching staff for next season:
“We will have to see. Perhaps there may be some changes as we are taking about people’s careers and I can’t speak for everyone, however, we haven’t thought about it yet.”

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