New Foreigners? Format? Playoffs? Arenas? All You Need To Know – Israel Basketball League Returns To Action

May 10, 2020 | Holyland Hoops

The Israel Basketball League has announced how the 2019/20 Season will be completed by July 30, 2020. The Sports Rabbi has broken down the new rules and regulations for the balance of the campaign and you’ll find all you need to know about how the Winner League will return to action.

Foreign players are required to return to Israel by May 17 and then enter into a 14 day quarantine with practices beginning on June 1. Gameday 22 will be played on June 20th with the season concluding with the Final on July 30.

Team appearance
Any team that doesn’t appear for a scheduled game will be fined 400,000 NIS as stipulated by the league bylaws.

Teams are required to play their best roster as to their ability. A team is required to list at least six players from players who had been registered prior to the COVID-19 break and two players per roster must be foreigners (old or new).

Method of play
Following the completion of the second round of games with Gameday 22, the league will split into two groups, the top 4 teams in one which will play two rounds of games and the bottom 8 which will play one round of games.

At that point there will be Championship Playoffs and Relegation Playoffs. The top 8 teams in the Championship Playoffs will play a best of 3 quarterfinal series while the four bottom teams in the Relegation Playoffs will play one round of games with previous points accumulated carrying over.

The four quarterfinal winners will play in the Final Four with the winner taking the championship while the last place team from the Relegation Playoffs will be demoted to the second division.

Each team will play two games per week and during the playoffs there will be three games per week. The European slots allocated according to current league standings as of Gameday 21 as per FIBA’s consent.

All teams will play their games at the home arena. The arenas will need to be adapted to the Ministry of Health requirements which will be the responsibility of the teams.

The Final Four will be held at the arena selected by the forts place club at the end of the Championship Playoffs. If there will be no limitations of fan attendance that facility must be able to hold at least 10,000 people.

The transfer window begins on May 10 and will end on June 18 with teams being allowed to sign up to 4 new foreigners with a total of 12 for the entire 2019/20 season. Teams may call back players who have been loaned to teams in lower divisions and can sign Israeli players from the second division – Leumit League, once the league officially ends with the approval of the Israel Basketball Association.

Teams may sign foreigners from the second division – Leumit League, once the league officially ends with ten approval of the Israel Basketball Association.

Teams may sign Israelis who have played abroad this season. Teams may also sign foreigners that played in Israel that were released prior to March 1, 2020.

Teams may not sign foreign players who have been with clubs in Israel since the COVID-19 break without consent of the original team.

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