Names, Titles & The King

May 20, 2010 | The Pulpit

All good blogs begin with how did you get the title of your blog. In my case it’s The Sports Rabbi. Many blogs out there have funky cool names and some of course, well do not. I always wondered how did so and so get that name. Where did it come from. Does it have some hidden meaning in the name, or is it just a straight typical name with the blogs’ words backing it up.

Let’s look at some from around the NBA. There is a New York Knick blog entitled “Knickerblogger”, and a Phoenix Suns one called “Valley of the Suns”. Pretty standard stuff here. There is a LA Clippers blog by the name of “Clipperblog”, do you think one could get anymore bland?

Now let’s try the Philadelphia 76ers. There is a blog entitled “Philadunkia”. Sorry guys the last time the blog should have had the word dunk in there was the time of Dr. J, Julius Erving, and in that era there were no such things as blogs.

How about a San Antonio Spurs blog by the name of “48 Minutes of Hell”. Sounds like each game of the last 4 playoff games they played against the Suns after the 4-0 sweep. The New Orleans Hornets got one by called “Hornets247”. I am not so sure if it’s Hornets 24/7 365 days a year or from November through mid-April?

The Mavs have called “Two Man Game”. I don’t think there could have been a better name. They really only had a two man game with Dirk & Kidd, was there anyone else who showed up against the Spurs during the first round?

But I really have to take a deep look at a Cleveland Cavaliers blog, “Cavs: The Blog”. Maybe it should have been “Cavs: The King”, for Lebron James. Unfortunately, the Blog might have to retitled after July 1st to “Cavs:The Blip”, as in the last few years being a blip on the radar screen for Cleveland with arguably one of the most amazing basketball players of our generation. If the Lebron James leaves, all will return to normal for the City of Cleveland. No chance for a title for the Indians, Browns or Cavaliers in the next half century or so and the sports world will once be righted again and placed back onto it’s natural trajectory.

So how did I come up with the title of my blog “The Sports Rabbi” anyway? Well sorry folks you’ll have to wonder why for a little longer, and sure go ahead and send me your thoughts as to why to, and follow me on Twitter @thesportsrabbi, but I can tell you now, only a few know the story.  

Thoughts from the Pulpit:

1) Sports fans have been very critical of the Los Angeles Lakers bench. They don’t produce enough, they don’t get the minutes, Lamar Odom is hit or miss, you never know what you’re going to get from him. Well, I think the likes of Shannon Brown, Jordan Farmar and Odom have given us much to think about with fabulous performances so far throughout the play-offs. Odom had a terrific double double last night as the Laker bench outscored the Suns bench 36-28 while playing 18 less minutes.

2) The Montreal Canadiens play a critical game 3 tonight at home vs. the Philadelphia Flyers. The Habs down 2-0 in the series are also down 9-0 in goals and have yet to solve Michael Leighton. The Canadiens have to, or better yet MUST out the puck on net, just keep throwing the biscuit in front and as the old clique goes, “good things will happen”.

3) Hanley Ramirez did the manly thing yesterday and apologized to his teammates and manager for not hustling on a ball hit to him in the outfield a few nights ago. Marlins manager Fredi Gonzalez promptly took Ramirez out of the game to teach his budding superstar a lesson. It took Hanley some time to cool down and think it over, this after some pretty rough comments about what it meant to him to be so removed from the field of play. But he came to his senses and did what he had to do to get himself back in the lineup. There has been some debate if Fredi should have let Hanley know what he did wrong in a more private setting instead of publicly letting the whole world know and see just how displeased he was. I believe that this was one of the best lessons a manager could give to a superstar in the year 2010. Gonzalez said, hey, you want to be a superstar, well there is a way to be one and a professional way of handling oneself, and I can bet you this, Ramirez will never not hustle again.

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