Misha Zilberman looks for Badminton success

Jul 12, 2021 | Jews in Sports

Misha Zilberman will be representing Israel in the Men’s Badminton category this summer in the Tokyo Olympics. This will mark the third time that the 30-year old will compete in the Olympics for the Blue and White, as he has already competed in the 2012 London Games and in Rio in 2016. Badminton has been part of Zilberman’s life since he was a child as his mother played the sport on a daily basis and his father was her coach. Misha would join his mother when she had Badminton practice as a child and eventually started playing himself. At the age of 12, Zilberman made Badminton a way of life and started to train on a daily basis. From that point on, he achieved many milestones as a professional that included multiple gold medals in various competitions. Zilberman was the first to win a Badminton match for Israel at the Olympic Games and this summer he hopes to become the first Israeli to be on the podium in this sport.

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