Magnificent Su Dominates, Anwil Surprises Jerusalem on D, The Coming of Cousins, Brown Talks! 3-Pointers, Analysis & More from Jerusalem’s win!

1) Suleiman Briamoh was all over the place for Jerusalem. The Reds big man has a fabulous from the field going 13/14 for 33 points while adding 6 assists for an efficiency rating of 40 in the 18 point win. Braimoh hit layups, hook shots, jumpers, free throws and cleaned up a number of the teams 18 offensive rebounds. He was also a key to breaking down the Anwil defense after coming off the bench to play close to 31 minutes. After a frustrating first quarter hour, the Reds adjusted and were able to take over and run away with the win. What was the secret to their success according to Su? “It was a lot of perseverance by playing together as a team and we locked it in as we tried to stick to the game plan.” Briamoh is also the type of person who never wants to take credit, “It’s a tribute to the team that I was able to hit my layups, baby hooks and shots. it was a team effort.”

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2) Jerusalem Coach Oded Katash admitted to being surprised that Anwil would try to play a zone 1-3-1 defense and press for forty minutes. It’s rare that Katash would be surprised but credit has to go to Anwil Coach Igor Milinic who tried to take the Reds out of their zone and for the first half they were very successful in doing so. “They played zone and pressing defense for forty minutes. But once we found the gaps we were able to find our open big guys and we were able to come back and win the game. We knew that they use that type of defense but I can’t say that I was ready for 40 minutes or that they would start with that type of defense. But I’m happy we were able to adapt and share the ball. We were able to survive some very difficult minute win the first half.” J’Covan Brown also spoke about Jerusalem being taken off guard by the Anwil defense, “We were definitely surprised with their defense. We thought they would come out man to man first and then switch it up. They played mind games with us trying to stick to it for 40 minutes, it’s crazy. But you’ve got to give them credit for executing their game plan.“

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3) Isaiah Cousins showed everyone that he belongs on Hapoel Jerusalem for the long run and should be registered for the Israeli league as well. In 14 minutes the guard had 9 points and 6 assists while also playing impressive defense. The more time he gets the more confidence and better play the Reds get in return. Katash credited the Sacramento Kings draft pick for being the game changer and X-Factor in the comeback win, “Cousins was able to give us a boost. He works very very hard and no one deserves this more. He was able to change the game and he’s one of the main reasons we ended up winning this contest.” Braimoh also chimed in on the Mount Vernon, New York native’s performance, “He had great game and he brought a lot of energy on defense and on offensive as he pressed the ball, assisted the ball and I think we will have a lot of confidence together with him going forward.” Brown warned us all that Cousins will be a big factor in this team going forward, “Isaiah’s just got to get his feet wet. He’s a young guy that really doesn’t understand overseas life. He will help this team a lot. Watch what I’m telling you now, watch what I’m telling you.”

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Isaiah Cousins spoke about the game in the hallways of the Jerusalem Arena, a place that he’d like to continue to contribute on a regular basis as he keeps learning European basketball and what it takes to play for a team like Hapoel Jerusalem, “It felt pretty good to be out there with the team and with the great crowd. I just had fun playing.”

About contributing to the victory:
“I was doing the little things, rebounding and finding a feel for the game and playing with momentum.”

Potentially being registered to play in the Israeli league:
“Every basketball player wants to play a lot. I’ve just got to keep working, it would be fun to be out there in the Israeli league.”

Adjusting to a new continent of basketball:
“It’s taking time to get used to playing in Europe and you’ve got to understand the process because it’s different than the G-League with different rules and discreet style of play. You’ve got to listen to the veteran players and keep working.”

Having a good group of veterans helping him:
“It’s good I’m with guys like Tashawn, James and J’Covan because they’ve been here before and you can learn from them by taking different things from their game and add it in on to your own.”

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And-One, And-Some
A) The big question is how did Jerusalem pull it together and come through with a huge victory after being down and out in the first half. Anwil Coach Milnic talked about how he saw the hosts figure it out, “Jerusalem proved why they are quoted as the best team in the Champions League and played high paced basketball. We matched up for the first 26 minutes and we didn’t play as a team after that. Hapoel has a lot of foreigners who know how to share the ball and knock down shots. They play team basketball and they showed us how it’s done. Jerusalem went to a switching defense which didn’t allow us a kick-out pass and we didn’t share the ball. An experienced team like Jerusalem will take advantage of that and they did.”

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B) J’Covan Brown also looked at how Jerusalem ended up recording the W when they looked down and out, “It was just staying with the course of the game. My teammates, coaching staff and fans have faith in me to stick to the game plan, keep shooting the ball and do what I do. The fight in us. Play for the guy next to you. It’s not about you or I, it’s about the guy you share the court next to you. No matter who is on the floor if you keep playing for each other everything will take care of itself.”

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