Jerome Dyson ahead of Nahariya: “We’ve got to come prepared; it’s an imporant game”

Hapoel Jerusalem’s star guard Jerome Dyson looked back at his team’s win over Maccabi Haifa, Mickey Gorka’s influence on the team as an assistant coach, Willy Workman and looked ahead to tonight’s game against Nahariya:

“We were down in numbers but it was a good win and it meant that everyone had to do a bit more. Everyone gave it their all to come away with the win.”

For the love of the game:
“I love the game and it’s exciting to me. I really turned on when Workman began yapping his mouth, so I thank him for that.”

About his 3-pointers and 4th quarter play:
“We needed something as we very stagnant and no energy, we weren’t alive and we were just going through the quarters. We finally came alive in the last quarter.”

The clock issue:
“The loser and winner will have two different perspectives. One will say it went out and we lost our rhythm and the other will say that they gained momentum miraculously. You just have to go out and play the game. I sat on the bench relaxing and I came out to play the same way.”

About Micky Gorka’s influence:
“He’s been great and helping a lot and giving Mody what he was missing. It’s hard to go into a game and have to think everything out by yourself.”

On Willy Workman:
“He’s an energy guy. He will try to get as many offensive rebounds and That’s how he scores his baskets. Tonight they switched a lot of defenses on us and it took us out of our offense. That’s what really killed us the most and we got really stagnant. We ran the pick and roll and dribbled around and take a shot and we can’t really allow that stuff to affect us. We got to do a better job.”

Tonight’s game against Nahariya:
“We got to come prepared and every game is important. We know it’s a quick turnaround and start preparing for them. It’s going to be a tough game and they always come ready to play. They are a team who likes to shoot the 3-pointer so we have to protect the 3-point line and do our jobs.”

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