“It will be a very interesting challenge” Rami Hadar & Beer Sheva look ahead to the Israel Basketball League’s resumption

Jun 2, 2020 | Holyland Hoops

Hapoel Beer Sheva held a press conference to discuss the resumption of the 2019/20 season via Zoom with Head Coach Rami Hadar, guard Adi Cohen Saban and CEO Tomer Yaron.

Rami Hadar began by talking abut getting back to work, “We began practicing on Monday and all of our players are currently in Israel. The preparation time will be very short and there will be lots of games coming up and I hope that we can win as many contests as possible. It will be a very interesting challenge.”

The coach also spoke about bringing in a number of new players including captain Spencer Weisz’s Princeton teammate, “We aren’t the only squad that had to rebuild and we will have to manage the situation. We felt that it was a good time to bring in some of these players including Amir Bell who played with Spencer and who helped give us some information.”

Adi Cohen Saban, one of the club’s veteran’s also looked ahead to the restart of the competition, “It’s going to be a challenge and we have to take good care of our bodies to make sure we can stay in proper condition.”

CEO Tomer Yaron discussed returning to action, “We are coming back as well as we could and on the financial side it is significant. Each player that didn’t return did so due to their own personal decision. A number of the players wanted to stay with their families due to the coronavirus that is sweeping the United States and some were afraid to return. As Rami said we have a new squad and we had been following these players for some time.”

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