Israel’s Basketball and Soccer Leagues suspend activities due to the Coronavirus

The Israel Basketball and Soccer leagues suspended their seasons until the end of March due to the Coronavirus which is ravaging the entire world. At the end of the month the leagues will look at the current situation and decide how to proceed at that time.

The decision comes on the heals of the country’s Ministry of Health’s guidelines which also forbids the clubs to practice as high physical contact will be allowed.

The Blue & White leagues follow the standard set by many competitions throughout the world which have shut down due to the virus.

The Israel Basketball WINNER League Chairman Shmuel Frankel said, “Unfortunately we must stop the league until at least the end of the month as per the Health Ministry’s regulations. We are in constant contact with the appropriate parties and hope to return to action as stronger as ever.”

Erez Kahlfon, the Soccer league chairman also commented on halting the games, “With a heavy heart, we are forced to announce that we are suspending the league in accordance with the Ministry of Health’s guidelines. We are in the midst of a global crisis and we must act responsibly and follow the regulations set down in order to maintain public health.”

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