Israel Basketball Coach Erez Edelstein: “Israel is a Basketball Nation”

Israel Basketball Head Coach Erez Edelstein ahead of the final tuneup tournament in Poland:
“We are focusing on us and not on the opponents. We want to make some small adjustments to make sure we come in healthy and in our best form and we need to do a better job with the small things that can make a big difference in some cases.”

Edelstein continued:
“We want to make another step up physically to match up well and play the best basketball we can. We are happy that the fans are very excited about the fact we are hosting here in Israel because Israel is a basketball nation.”

Vetran guard Yotam Halperin also spoke about the Eurobasket preparations so far:

“We are playing good positive basketball and we are embuing what the coaches want from us. At this point we just want to keep improving.”

Halperin added:
“The process at this stage and how we are playing now is what is most important. We won’t be perfect within just 3 weeks but we are doing the best we can to be as ready as possible.”

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