“I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else” Israeli women’s hoopster Leila Deluty talks about war experiences

Oct 13, 2023 | Podcasts

Leila Deluty is a professional basketballer for A.S Ramat Hasharon of the Athena Women’s League and the Women’s EuroCup. A modern orthodox Jewish women, Leila was born in Englewood, New Jersey, but she moved to Israel after her freshman year when she realized that Israel is where she wants to live as a Jewish person. You can read all about her journey to Israel in Alisa Bodner’s article on the JewishLink website from earlier this year.

Leila joined The Sports Rabbi’s Ben Pask to speak about her experience to date in this current the war in which Israel is defending herself from Hamas. Leila talks about how the war has affected her, her teammates, her family and her friends. She also tells us what she is doing to help the war effort and why she is staying in Israel – her home – to continue to help.

The Sports Rabbi and Ben Pask then spoke about the status of Israeli basketball and the eats who are slated to play in Europe next week.

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