“I want to win” – Great leader, Selfless winner, Always focused on the goal: Who are you Nes Ziona guard Demonte Harper?

Aug 20, 2023 | Holyland Hoops

Demonte Harper arrived in Israel on Monday and Nes Ziona’s new guard spoke to The Sports Rabbi about joining the club, playing in the Holy Land and his goals going forward.

“It feels good and it feels cool,” Harper began. “Israel is a nice place and I’ve heard nice things about this place so I’m excited to be here and have a good experience and season most importantly.”

As for what he brings to the table including many years of experience Harper added, “It’s very important as any team and any place that I go to I like to establish a chemistry, good vibes, good environment as best as possible wherever I go. I bring my versatility, my size I play both ends of the court, offense and defense.”

Harper also had a good first impression of head coach Elad Hasin and also spoke about his goals going forward, “We had a couple of conversations, we spoke and I like him. For me in general I want to win. I know we will be in the qualification for the Champions League and that’s a goal of mine to make the BCL and if not I know the team won the FIBA Europe Cup in the past so that will be a goal.”

More on Demonte Harper:

Demonte Harper joined Nes Ziona for the upcoming 2023/24 season after having played in Italy last season. The 34-year old shooting guard who spent college years at Morehead State, arrives in Israel with many years of experience that has seen him play in numerous competitions and countries including Spain, France, Turkey and Russia.

This past campaign, the Nashville, Tennessee native played at Derthona Basket where he averaged 8.8 points, 3.2 rebounds and 1.8 assists while he previous year he checked in with 15.5 points, 3.3 boards and 3.7 helpers with Limoges in France.

“We are very happy to have signed Demonte,” head coach Elad Hasin said. “This is a player with a very rich resume and plenty of experience. He’s a guard that can play multiple positions and we believe that he is a player that will help us reach our goals.”

To learn more about Demonte Harper, The Sports Rabbi was in touch with many of his former teammates:

Morehead State Teammates:
Leon Buchanan: Demonte is a great guy outside of being a really good basketball player. He puts in the work, day in and day out and constantly finds ways to better himself. He is extremely talented and has the drive and work ethic to back up his talent. He is one of my favorite teammates and one of the most humble people you will ever meet. I wish him nothing but the best and whatever club he plays for has a winner, a hard worker but even more importantly a great human.

Derick Echols: During the two years with Demonte at Morehead State, I remember him being a selfless guy on and off the court; Demonte was a leader, always calm in challenging situations. Demonte is a gym rat, always in the gym working on his game.

John Lamb: Demonte is a special professional. One who chases excellence the second his feet hit the floor in the mornings. From the way he eats, thinks, and breathes. I know without a doubt he will be a fan favorite in no time. His family will be a blessing to the community far past his time with Ironi Ness Ziona! Expect him to do anything and everything it takes to bring excitement to the arena and a whole lot of victories with his sneakers the second he laces them up!

Erie Bayhawks Teammates:
Tirrell Baines: A great player, but even a better teammate and person!!

Oscar Bellfield: I played with him briefly but I can say he is a high character guy who loves to compete in practice and in games. Overall he’s a talented individual, great teammate with a high IQ that can/ will be impactful for any team he plays with.

Tsmoki-Minsk teammate Jason Washburn: I like Demonte, he was a good veteran to have when I was a rookie. He helped teach me the life and how to be a professional. A highly talented player with a good head on his shoulders. I was lucky to have him on my team.

Kalev/Cramo teammates:
Mark Tollefsen: Demonte is a great player and even better person. Had a great time playing with him my rookie year and someone I learned a lot from. He’s a guy that has the utmost confidence in himself and does a really good job at getting the best out of his teammates. Ness Ziona fans are going to love watching him play and interacting with him!

Cedric Simmons: He’s a hard worker of course and great guy/teammate. Just a good basketball player all around and he will make the team better.

Vitali Liutych: I can only say good things about Demonte. As a person and as a player, one of the best I’ve played with.

Branko Mirkovic: Demonte and I played long time ago, but what I remember is that we understood each other well on and off the court. Great memories, great person, always ready to help. He deserves nothing but the best, Ness Ziona is lucky to have him.

Mickell Gladness: Great leader and scorer off the pick and roll. Knows how to use his handle and quickness to get in the paint and create shots for himself and others. Really cool person.

Timo Eichfuss: What I remember, he was good worker, team leader in offensive side, good 1-1 player and took responsibility in crucial times.
Wants to win every game.

Rain Veideman: Demonte is a great player in and out of the court. He is always focused on the goal, to win the championship. Works really hard, knows basketball really well and he’s a role model for younger basketball players.

Brindisi Teammates:
Delroy James: Amazing all-around player. Plays for the team and very coachable.

Marcus Denmon: All around 2 way player. He’s a selfless winner!! Amazing teammate and great guy.

Massimo Bulleri: If I remember correctly he was a kind of rookie….first or second season overseas for him. Good court vision and multiple role player. Pretty quiet but good teammate!!!!! Very smart, understands quickly what was going on!!!! We were in the second unit and I liked playing with him because he really enjoys sharing the ball!!!!! Shooting the ball was not his best skill but he improved a lot so far!!!!!! GOOD LUCK MONTE!!!!!!

Slupsk Teammate Derrick Nix: He’s a great player he’s humble and one of my favorite players to watch when we were in Poland together.

Avellino Teammates:
Caleb Green: All the organizations will love him! He prepares hard, selfless, poised in clutch moments, and lovable guy! Can’t go wrong with Demonte on your team!

Lorenzo D’Ercole: I played with him for few months in Avellino 4 years ago. I can say that he is a combo guard, can play 1 and 2 position. Very good talent. He can really score but also create shots for teammates. He’s a good teammate.

Stefano Spizzichini: First of all, a nice purchase, Demonte’s signature! He is basically an introvert and silent but puts lot of effort in everything he does. He arrived in Avellino during the season (not an easy period) and with his calm way of living and playing he was greatly appreciated. He is an orderly point guard but able to be dangerous if the way to the basket is open in some way. Excellent streaky shooter when he’s in the zone he has important percentages. His best, if he’s physically fit, is on defense where he has quick feet and good athleticism to defend in multiple roles. I repeat good catch Demonte! I hope the best for you and for him!

Limoges Teammate Kruize Pinkins: I would say he is a really good player who never lets anything make him nervous, very calm and effective in tough moments. Off the court, he is also a great teammate. Learned a lot from him.

Gran Canaria Teammate Beqa Burjanadze: Harp is a great guy off and on the court. Very humble and great teammate. He is a great addition for the team for sure. Got lot in his bag to offer on the court.

Derthona Teammate Mike Daum: Demonte is hard working and a great teammate. Plays super hard on the defensive and offensive end. Outside of basketball he is a great person, a family man, and the fans will love him!

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