Heading to Safed

The Sports Rabbi is heading to the Holy City of Safed to spend the day visiting the many holy sages buried there as well as to enjoy the views of the town and enjoy the clean air that is in abundance!

Briefly, Jim Joyce, ya. What can I say, please make sure you get it right the next time. Of course if there will ever be one! Could you imagine 3 El Perfecto’s in a season?

Flyers back in the hunt with an Overtime winner, and cut the series to 2 games to 1.

Ken Griffey Jr. calls it a career. You showed us great plays up and down Junior, you revolutionized the baseball card market with Upper Deck and you were a class act throughout your career. Here’s hoping your call to Cooperstown is only 5 years away.

My father The Captain had the privilege to see AC Milan grace the pitch at Olympic Stadium in Montreal last night and witness one of the finest talents in our generation Ronaldihno score on a penalty. Quite amazing he is not playing for Brazil in the World Cup!

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