He has the greatest hesitation move I’ve ever seen: Who are you Holon guard Ahmad Caver?

Aug 3, 2023 | Holyland Hoops

Ahmad Caver joined Hapoel Holon for the upcoming 2023/24 season and will be looked upon to pick up some of the team’s scoring after Joe Ragland’s departure. The 26-year old guard attended Old Dominion University where he scored 16.6 points added 5.5 assists and 4.3 rebounds in his senior season back in 2018/19 before turning pro where he featured in the G-League along with recording one appearance in the NBA.

Last season, Caver had a standout year for the BC Wolves in Lithuania where he was named the league MVP and was the top scorer as well having checked in with 17.3 points, 5.8 assists and 3.3 rebounds per game.

To learn more about Caver check out the podcast above and see what his teammates had to say below:

ODU Teammates:
Aaron Carver: I can say that Ahmad is a great point guard, playmaker and floor general. Playing with him in college he always made the game easier for us and he did a great job as one of the leaders of the team. Ahmad is crafty and talented on offense but also has great defensive intensity. I’m happy for Ahmad and look forward to what this season has in store for him. I’m also the only person that can guard him one on one. Lol

Marquis Godwin: Ahmad is a great leader and even better friend. He helped me grow as a young player when we were teammates and still to this day I can ask him for advice. Hapoel Holon will be receiving a skilled competitor.

Randy Haynes: That’s my bro, not only my past teammate. Great player, we have a mutual love for each others game. He’s one of the few players I love to watch play. It’s his IQ and overall skill.

Zoran Talley: Ahmad is a hard worker. He will come in right away and make a huge impact. From scoring the ball, to dishing out assists, he is not a selfish player. Plays hard on defense and he is a winner. By his leadership, others will follow by his actions and you will see that you guys made the right choice signing my brother.

Jason Wade: To start he’s a natural born winner and natural born leader. He’s one of those guys who you see going so hard on the floor that as his teammate all you want to do it match his energy. That also translates off the court. He’s a good guy and even better friend and I can’t help to talk about his hesitation move. One of the best in the game.

Loren Brill: For his game, he is a two-way player. On offense, he is a floor general who sets up his teammates but knows when to take over a game and defensively, he is a tenacious presence, disrupting the opponents’ game plan. But as a person, he is calm, cool, and collected. Easy guy to get along with.

Trey Freeman: Ahmad is a great point guard and person. Great court vision and a quick and athletic guard that is a proven winner and great teammate!

G-League teammates:
Rahlir Hollis-Jefferson: Great guy, hard worker and great talent who’s going to compete every play on the floor. Will be great to have out there.

Yves Pons: He is a great person over all, a great team player that’s passionate about the game and about winning. He plays with an incredible energy both end of the floor. Good shooter, good PG and bouncy as well. I’ve seen him dunk on people and it was crazy!

BC Wolves Teammates:
Vitalijus Kozys: He’s a very professional athlete and an even better person, Hapoel Holon is very lucky to have him.

Kristupas Zemaitis: First of all, he’s a good guy we don’t have any problems or issues with him during the season he’s friendly personality, more calmer, hard worker and he was our main guy last season. About his game well he has the greatest hesitation move I’ve ever seen he was catching all opponents on that one move. He’s very good mid-range after the dribble, can play 1on1, can finish with the contact, provoking fouls, and also he’s improved on his three point shots during the season. On defense he has long arms which helped him to make steals or deflect the ball.

Mindaugas Lukauskis: Very good person!!! Hard worker. Good guy in the lockerroom and on the court.

Adas Juskevicius: Talking about Ahmad, he played really solid season in Europe, showed discipline motivation every time. Really big skills pack, can decide the game by himself. Great midrange shooter with hesitation moves. Not selfish. An overall really good player.

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