Hapoel Jerusalem Open the Season

Aug 25, 2019 | Holyland Hoops

Hapoel Jerusalem held their season opening press conference at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Jerusalem as General Manager Guy Harel, Coach Oded Katash, new Captain Bar Timor and James Feldeine were all in attendance.

Harel spoke about the goals ahead which of course include battling for all of the available tiles and to bring the Champions League Final Four to the capital of Israel. He also addressed adding toughness to the squad and bringing down the average age.

Katash talked about the importance of having the squad maintain many of the same values that was built upon last season and also commented about signing players that fit the team’s approach. The coach also spoke about how he will have to play with a bigger rotation this season and the players understand that aspect whether they are Israeli or not.

Timor understands the responsibility of what being the captain means and also knows that the players will put the team ahead of their individual goals and desires.

Feldeine liked the players that the club brought during the off-season who will provide toughness. He also played a role in helping bring the players as well as being by new captain Bar Timor’s side.

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