Hapoel “Bank Yahav” Jerusalem Leading also in the stands

Jun 12, 2017 | Holyland Hoops

Hapoel “Bank Yahav” Jerusalem – Leading also in the stands

With the end of the regular season, and after the last home game for the 2016/17 season, here is a summary of the crowd record in our home game.

Many words have been said on Hapoel “Bank Yahav” Jerusalem achievements on the court this season with winning the Pre-Season Winner Cup, reaching the Israeli State Cup final and the Eurocup’s semi-finals and last week the team clinched a spot in the Israeli League Final Four. Now it is the time, to turn the attention to the stands where the fans of Hapoel “Bank Yahav” Jerusalem painted the stands in red and created a buzzing atmosphere.

* 1st place in Eurocup with 77,304 fans in nine home games (8,590 per game)

*1st place in Israeli League with 129,440 total attendance (30% difference from 2nd place)

*1st place in Israeli League for average attendance per game (20 games, 6,472 fans on average) – 20% difference from 2nd place

*9 out of the top 10 most attended games in the Israeli League included the team, 8 of them were home games at Pais Arena

*5 out of the top 10 most attended games in Eurocup were at Pais Arena

In more details:
In 29 home game, 206,744 people visited Pais Arena this season. This number place Hapoel “Bank Yahav” Jerusalem as the number one fans in terms of total attendance in both competitions the team has participated. In the Israeli League 129,440 fans came to watch the Reds at Pais Arena and in the Eurocup 77,304 people were in the stands.

In addition to the total attendance numbers, Hapoel “Bank Yahav” Jerusalem’s fans also lead the categories of average attendance per game in the Israeli League (6,472) and Eurocup (8,589). We will add also that Hapoel lead Alba Berlin who is in 2nd place in this category by more than 1,800 fans. In total, the attendance number at Pais Arena in Eurocup game grew by 25% this season compare to last one.

Also in the individual attendance games, the Reds control the top in Israel and Europe. Out of the top 10 games who attracted the most crowd in the Israeli League, 8 of the 10 were Hapoel “Bank Yahav” Jerusalem home games. The number one game as far as attendance was in the 18th round in which Hapoel hosted Maccabi Tel Aviv at Pais Arena with 10,547 fans in the stands.
In the Eurocup, the Reds do not hold the number 1 spot, but 5 out the 10 games that attracted the most crowd this season where at Pais Arena. Two games out of the five stood out: Game 2 in the Semi-Finals series against Valencia that attracted 10,091 fans (top 3 overall in the competition) and Game 8 in the regular season against Union Olimpija Ljubljana that brought 9,709 fans and broke the attendance record at that moment. The latter was also the only non-playoff game in the top 5 of attendance.

This is the time to say thank you to the red fans who created the number 1 atmosphere in Israel and they supported the team also on away games in both competition. Yes, the Reds had supporters also at Gran Canaria (Las Palamas, Spain) which is 4,865 KM away from Jerusalem. Thank you and we will see you next year at Pais Arena.


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