Germany Basketball: Dennis Schröder & more!

Dennis Schröder

“I got high expectations for our team. I think everybody is good in this group. We want to advance and compete for the championship. We play fast. We run. It’s hard for teams to stop us when we are fast. We will be a top team. 2 years ago everybody played with Dirk. He is very inspiring. He showed me how to work properly. I can text him and he will always give great advice. Lithuania are a tough opponent. It’s not easy to get everybody together for a tournament. We are all together on this and will still make adjustments.”

Maodo Lo

“It’s a good feeling to be part of this tournament. I think we can bring good energy to this tournament. We are young and hungry. We need to use our speed to win games. We want to play hard.”

Coach Chris Fleming

“The key is to get off to a good start, especially early in the game. I think there is continuity in the team which is helpful. We are going the right way and in the right direction.

The team that will stamp the game with their style will be the one with a better chance to win. I think Denis has a lot to move up and improve his basketball still. His best basketball is yet to come.”

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