Game Day 6 At The UEFA Under-21 European Championship!

With two matches last evening the group stages of the Under 21 Tournament would be coming to an end with only group placement on the line as Spain & Holland had already booked their spots ion the semi finals to be played Saturday evening.

Spain 3-0 Netherlands

The Good:

With Holland starting a new 11, Spain took full advantage and looked superb controlling what seemed to be 99% of the 1st half of the match. Morata, who already had scored both Spanish goals added his third to give Spain the lead and Isco, the Malaga playmaker picked up a marker as well. The second half saw more of the same, but kudos also has to go out to ‘keeper David de Gea. de Gea completed the group stages with a clean sheet, but also made some absolutely beautiful saves including a foot stop which looked like a clear goal for Holland.

The Bad:

The fact that Holland didn’t start not one of their first team players was pretty bad in mine eyes. The crowd had been looking forward to a great match up but instead got a game which Dutch coach Cor Pot basically threw out the window and now says he is looking forward to playing Spain in the finals. Uh, Excuse me? You will still have to make it through Italy first in order to set up that match up.

The Ugly:

Holland’s second stringers couldn’t touch the ball in the first half and also couldn’t finish their chances a couple of times where they had open goals. Holland playing with their full strength lineup would have given the fans a better show than what we got last night.

Russia 1-2 Germany

The Good:

Germany finally picked up some points. Though to many they were tainted in the fact that Russia had yet another player sent off and they also conceded a penalty which Hoffenheim’s Rudy slotted home. But for Russia a goal from striker Dzagoev showed exactly why he is already playing with the senior squad with a beauty of a goal in the 22nd minute.

The Bad:

Unfortunately the fans that came out to see this match up and had purchased tickets in advance were treated to a match up that meant zero because both sides had nothing to play for.

The Ugly:

Again the referee manipulated the game and gave Russia a questionable red card at best and put them at a disadvantage that they also faced in their last game with Holland. The poor refereeing throughout the tournament needs to be taken look at by UEFA.

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