Game 3 of the Maccabi Tel Aviv vs Ironi Nes Ziona series to be dedicated to the Memory of the Fallen and the Murdered Maccabi fans

Jun 2, 2024 | Holyland Hoops | 0 comments

Maccabi Tel Aviv will look to close out its best of five game quarterfinal series at home against Nes Ziona on Sunday (19:00 IDT / 12:00 EDT), after winning game one 109-83 and game two 99-66 last week.

Maccabi will dedicate the game to the memory of the 113 Maccabi fans who have lost their lives during the Swords of Iron War, which began with Hamas’s barbaric attack on Israel on October 7. Together with Maccabi-affiliated non-profit fan group “Achim LaSemel”, Maccabi has invited more than 250 bereaved family members to the team’s game 3 against Nes Ziona.

Prior to the game, a ceremony will be held in memory of the fallen, during which the following bereaved family members will be on court:
Adi Marciano, the mother of Corporal Noa Marciano z”l. Noa, from Modi’in, served in the Combat Intelligence Collection Corps 414th unit at the Nahal Oz army base. She was taken hostage from the base to Gaza on October 7 and was murdered at age 19 in Shifa Hospital.

Corporal Noa Marciano z”l

Guy Provisor, the father of Captain Eden Provisor z”l. Eden, from Alfei Menashe, served as a platoon commander in the 401st Armored Brigade’s 52nd Battalion and was killed at age 21 in a battle in the Gaza Strip on November 18.

Captain Eden Provisor z”l

Asi Levy, the father of Captain Rotem Levy z”l. Rotem, from Oranit, was a senior member of Maccabi’s fan organization, who served as deputy commander of the Combat Engineering Corps’ Yahalom unit. He was killed at age 24 in Northern Gaza on December 18.

Captain Rotem Levy z”l

Isaac Grinberg, the father of Lieutenant Colonel Tomer Greenberg z”l. Tomer, of Kibbutz Almog, was the commander of Golani’s 13th Battalion and was killed at age 35 in a battle in the Gaza Strip on December 12.

Lieutenant Colonel Tomer Greenberg z”l

Adi Marciano and Guy Provisor will speak and then there will be a minute of applause as a symbol of giving strength to the bereaved families. The ceremony will close with the singing of the Israeli national anthem, “Hatikva” (The Hope), to be performed by Israeli singer Merav Siman Tov.

There will be a section of the arena dedicated to the fallen Maccabi fans, where there will be a photo of each of the 113 souls who fell or were murdered during since October 7. At the end of the first quarter, this project will be presented, together with a call for the release of all hostages.

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