“Everything starts with the love of the game” – Nikos Zisis Exclusive Interview with The Sports Rabbi

The Sports Rabbi had the great privilege to speak with Nikos Zisis, Bamberg’s phenomenal veteran guard and winner of the 2008 Euroleague title with CSKA. Check out what Zisis had to say ahead of his squad’s Basketball Champions League semifinal clash against Bologna.

“I was lucky to start very early and play on good teams. Over the last few years it’s becoming more difficult to stay at your level and try to do the best possible. I think everything starts with the love of the game and then the daily work you must out in including the motivation and health above all all this can help you try to remain as in good shape as possible.”

Experience at this level:
“I think it plays a role but not the most important role. We’re talking about teams like Bamberg, Tenerife, Bologna and Antwerp. Individual experience can help but I think overall it’s the experience we had together as a group. We won a lot of close games and the cup in a dramatic fashion. This can help a team grow in a very long season and help play in an environment with a do or die game and get the best out of it.”

About Tyrese Rice:
“We couldn’t believe what kind of great guy he is when he signed with Bamberg. He’s such a great guy and great professional. It’s a great joy for me to play with him and share the same lockerroom. It’s one of the big motivations he’s had the whole year long. He’s our leader and in my opinion the most important player. Most likely he will be the MVP of this league but this is the last step. It would really be a great accomplishment for a player to be able to go back in his career and now that he win different 3 leagues and win 3 MVPs from in European competition. From the Euroleague, Eurocup and Champions League. For me personally this is one of the big motivations; to try and help him accomplish this.”

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